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Field House

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Chichen Lu » Ms. Chichen Lu

Ms. Chichen Lu

Chichen Lu 

Room 701
310-798-8665, ext 4701

Welcome to Ms. Lu's classes! I am looking forward to have a wonderful year with my outstanding students!


My teaching schedule this year is:


Period 1: Chinese 3  

Period 2: Chinese 2

Period 3: Chinese 1 

Period 4: Chinese AP 

Period 5: Chinese 2

Period 6: Prep Period  


Chinese AP: EVERY  THURSDAY (except changes made in advance) 

Chinese 2: EVERY  THURSDAY (period 2)& EVERY FRIDAY (period 5) (except changes made in advance) 

Chinese 1 & 3 EVERY FRIDAY (except changes made in advance)

Make up work/ make up test: EVERY TUESDAY or THURSDAY LUNCH

Note: Grade %- Test 55%; Classwork 20%; HW 10%; Cuiture Project 15%  (WLC Department Wide Rule)  



My regular conference period is Monday,Period 6  (2:00-2:55) ; parents are also welcome to make appointments on other school days in advance.

E-mail is the best way to contact me and I will make every effort to reply within 24 hours on school days.



Individual Tutoring:

I am available for tutoring during period 6 (if no parent/ school conferences) and  lunch (Tuesday and Thursday if there's no department meeting).Please make appointments previously with me.


Listening Resource: 

Chinese Link (Our textbook) Online Audio Link: