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Senior Information and Graduation Messages

Below are the messages we have sent out to Seniors and/or their Parents and Guardians about
Senior Information and Graduation.  The most recent are first.  

Good afternoon, RUHS Seniors:


We hope you are doing well and staying connected. It was great seeing many of you this past Saturday.


Please remember there is a 5pm deadline on Wednesday, May 27th for submitting video to be included in our virtual graduation ceremony. We are really depending on you to give our celebration the personal touch that will make it a memorable event for all seniors and families.


The most important piece for you to submit is the “stage moment” when your name will be read on the video and the moment when you get your diploma on the stage. We want to see each one of you smiling with your diploma cover in hand.


Please submit that video first so that if you are unable to complete the rest, you will still have your stage moment.


If you are having trouble uploading video or something is keeping you from using the GradPro link, please contact GradPro at 888.729.8199 or email them at


Have some fun with these videos, but please make sure the content will make it through the censors. GradPro and our staff will be watching everything submitted to make sure it is appropriate.


Finally, the RUHS Virtual Graduation Ceremony will begin at 5pm on Thursday, June 11th. We will send the link to all seniors, families, and staff.


Please continue to check your emails and our website for ongoing updates and communications.


Thank you, everyone. Stay well.







RUHS Seniors and Families,

This year, some seniors will be getting an incomplete as their semester grade on June 12th, when grades are recorded for transcripts.

That is the direction provided by our district office in an effort to “hold students harmless” due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Any student who would normally receive a D or an F, will instead be given an incomplete. But assigning an incomplete is really just providing a time extension for students to do work that can contribute to raising a grade. An incomplete can’t remain on a transcript and in the case of seniors it needs to be translated into a grade before transcripts are sent to post-secondary institutions by July 1st.

Therefore, seniors (and only seniors) are being given the option to accept a grade of D in the case that raising that grade to a C is not important to their post-secondary goals. A senior can also choose to accept a fail which will be transcripted as a “No Credit” in the case that the student does not need the credit for that class to graduate. A “No Credit” is not factored into GPA calculations.

Near the end of the semester, teachers will be providing seniors with a Senior Grade Acceptance Form that seniors must use to indicate that they choose to accept either a D or No Credit instead of an incomplete. If the family of a senior already knows that accepting a D or No Credit is the best choice, the student should reach out to the teacher right away. If grade acceptance is not communicated, then the senior will receive an incomplete.

If a student chooses to take an incomplete, then they are committing to doing independent work assigned by the teacher that must be done to demonstrate sufficient mastery of the subject to justify raising a grade. The assignments provided and the amount of grade improvement possible is determined by the teacher of the course. The work must be done by June 26th to allow time for updating transcripts.

In some cases, a teacher may indicate that the student won’t be able to do enough work independently to raise a grade that is extremely low. In those case, the student needs to work with the counselor to determine how the student can earn credits needed to graduate.

It is our sincere hope that this process makes the end of a difficult semester easier.

RUHS Faculty and Staff


Senior Grading Timeline

May 27 – Teachers have reported possible incompletes to the counseling team

June 5 – Finals have been concluded. Deadline for seniors to use the Senior Grade Acceptance Form to avoid getting an incomplete. Teachers communicate to students the tasks required to be completed to clear an incomplete.

June 10 – All students receiving an incomplete are reported to admin by teachers

June 12 – All spring semester grades are recorded to transcripts.

June 26 – All senior incompletes are translated to a grade. The grade may have been improved via completion of work or it may have remained the same. An unimproved F will be transcripted to No Credit.




Dear RUHS Seniors and Families,

We are very excited about your June 11th virtual graduation ceremony. Please remember to sign-up with GradPro (see previous emails) and upload your videos and photos. Your caps and gowns are an important part of this process.  

So, in order to provide you with your cap, gown, tassel, diploma cover, and a yard sign provided by PTSA, we ask that you participate in the on-campus distribution on Saturday, May 23rd.

Seniors and/or their families will drive up to distribution stations and remain in their cars (wearing a mask). Pop the trunk and after presenting your school ID, the graduation items will be placed in the trunk. The campus will not be open for any other purpose.

The pickup process will take place on the RUHS campus, beginning at 12:00 noon and ending at 3:30 pm. The class has been divided alphabetically to help reduce wait time so please follow the schedule below.


A - Le


Parking Lot


Sea Hawk









Ce- Da



De- Fu



Ga- Ha



He- Ka






Approach the school on Diamond (please enter Sea Hawk Way-by the admin bldg.), A-Le from the east, Li-Z from the west. See map attached.


Families with the last name starting with A through Le should approach from the east, enter on the left side of the Sea Hawk Way divider and pick up their items in the parking lot, exiting out the east end of the parking lot back to Diamond.


Families whose last name start with Li through Z should approach from the west, enter on the right side of the Sea Hawk Way divider and proceed through campus on Sea Hawk Way, exiting on Vincent.


We want seniors to have their caps, gowns, tassels and diploma covers to help them create fun video clips to include in the virtual graduation ceremony being prepared for us by GradPro. Please check your school email and texts for instructions.


Scholarship checks for those receiving them can also be picked up during this time.


If you need to purchase the cap and gown, please bring $45 cash for that purpose. Jostens will not be able to process any other form of payment during this event. Loaners will also be available on request.


Thank you, Sea Hawks! Stay safe and connected.


Congratulations, RUHS Class of 2020.




RUHS Faculty & Staff


Dear RUHS Seniors:


We hope you continue to stay well and connected during our campus closure.


We also want to thank you for your patience and understanding as we have adapted and developed our RUHS 2020 Graduation plans.


Please click here for a special graduation announcement from our senior leaders.  


Also, please be sure to check your school email and text messages throughout this afternoon. You may have to search your spam/junk folders for an email from GradPro.


We miss you all very much and we look forward to celebrating your accomplishments.


Take care,







Dear RUHS Seniors:


Happy Friday! We hope you are doing well and staying connected.


Please be sure to check your emails after 3pm today.


We will have a number of graduation updates for you.


Thanks so much for your patience. We appreciate all of you!


Also, if you drive by campus, you’ll notice some banners dedicated to you.


Take care, everyone.







Dear RUHS Seniors & Families:


First, we want to thank you for your patience, resilience, and empathy during these challenging times. We appreciate your continued distance learning efforts within the Safer at Home parameters.


As everyone can imagine, our primary goal has been to have graduation at RUHS. This will, of course, be dependent upon directions from the Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE) and Los Angeles County

Department of Health, as well as continuing guidance from state officials. 


Here is the most recent update (5/13): “The LA County Department of Public Health Safer at Home Order prohibits all public and private gatherings. The order does not allow any exemptions for graduation gatherings of any type in order to limit the spread of COVID-19. This means all in-person graduation ceremonies, including use of cars for drive-by events (even if one student at a time), are considered public gatherings and therefore prohibited.”


In the meantime, we are planning a virtual celebration of our RUHS 2020 Seniors on Thursday, June 11th (the broadcast time is TBD).


Please view our video announcement by clicking here:


Seniors, please be sure to check your school email (scan your spam/junk folder for a message from GradPro) and texts often for graduation updates and photo/video content requests.


Should conditions change and provide the opportunity for a safe, in-person ceremony later in the summer or another future date, we will provide an invitation and RSVP message for seniors and their families. 


Thank you for your positivity and understanding as we navigate the ongoing updates from state and county officials.


In the meantime, stay well and stay connected, Redondo.


With gratitude,


Mr. Jens Brandt

RUHS Principal


Virtual Ceremony Video Instructions