Football -other view

Weight Room

Pool sidewalk

Football field-side view

Locker room



Basketball court


Small Gym-outside


Big gym hallway

Field House

Battling cage

Field House

Sea Hawk Bowl at Night

Sea Hawk sign

Weight Room


Football field-corner view

Weight Room


Coaches' office

Golf practice

Bleachers- side view

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Chapter 2 or Chapter 3 Retake

Retake for Chapter 2 or 3 will take place on Thursday 12/13 AND Friday 12/14. The no calculator part will be on Thursday and the calculator part will be on Friday. The review for Chapter 2 is pg 53 (31), pg 87 (2,11), pp 72-73 (13,`5,25,27,31), pg 84 (3,7,8), pg 80 (15) and pg 149 (12). The review for Chapter 3 is pp148-150 (1,2,3,4,5,7,8,12,13,19,21,27) and pg151 (8,13,14). The review is your ticket to the test. It must be completed and corrected and turned in on the first day of testing. You must get at least one hour of tutoring before taking the retake. The tutor must sign your review work. You may attend one of the school's free tutoring or have a private tutor. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO MAKE UPS FOR THIS RETAKE. IF YOU DON'T COME BOTH OF THE SCHEDULED DAYS YOU CANNOT MAKE UP THE RETAKE!!!!!

Chapter 3 and Chapter 4 Review for Retake

The retake for Chapter 3 or Chapter 4 test will be at lunch on Monday 12/17 and Tuesday 12/18. Monday will be the no calculator part and Tuesday will be the calculator part. There will be no make ups. If you do not come in at those times you will no be able to retake the test. Please study the attached review before retaking the test. If you need any help please come in at lunch.

AP Calculus in class Test

Tuesday 5/1 FRQ 30 minutes 2 with calculator
                             30 minutes 2 with no calculator
Thursday 5/3 MC 55 minutes 28 no calculator
                             50 minutes 17 calculator

Performance Task Q3 Practice 2018

Practice Performance task (attached) and


Chapter 6

Pg 331 #32, pg 332 #35, pg 338 #7,11,18, pg339 #33,34

Chapter 7

Pg364 #25a, pg 396 #25, pg401 #16,18,20

Chapter 8

Pg 422 #15, pg 423 #47 pg 430 #17, pg 439 #17, pg 449 #61a

Chapter 9

Pg 467 #41, pg482 #11,27,31, pg 496 #16

Review for Chapter 6 Retake

The chapter 6 retake will be on Monday March 19th. The no calculator part will be during class for 20 minutes. The calculator part will be during lunch on that Monday. There will be no make ups for any reason. If you do not retake the test on Monday you will  not be able to retake it. You must complete the review worksheet and turn it in that Monday to retake the test. You need to go to a minimum of one hour of tutoring with the worksheet and have your worksheet signed by the tutor. I recommend Tuesday after school with Ms. Williams in room 320 or Wednesday after school with Ms. Keasler in room 306.