Work Experience Office Hours

Interested WEE Students,

If you are interested in enrolling in Work Experience this semester, below are the dates/times I will be available over the next few weeks to receive and review paperwork.  Note: I will return to normal office hours (Mon, Wed, & Fri) at snack on 9/17.

You MUST meet with me in person, and must have all signed forms to be enrolled in the course.

  • Tues, 8/28: 11am-11:30am
  • 8/30: snack, 9:45am-10am
  • 9/4: snack, 9:45am-10am
  • 9/11: snack, 9:45am-10am
  • 9/13: snack, 9:45am-10am

Location: Boys PE Office, Big Gym

All forms required to sign up for Work Experience (WEE); on my web page too.  Bring forms and your most recent pay stub.  You must currently have a job to enroll too

 Forms Link