Football field-side view

Sea Hawk Bowl at Night

Locker room


Weight Room

Football -other view

Pool sidewalk


Weight Room

Sea Hawk sign

Field House

Big gym hallway


Battling cage

Field House

Coaches' office

Basketball court


Small Gym-outside



Weight Room

Golf practice

Bleachers- side view

Football field-corner view

Mr. Gene Simon » Mr. Simon's Health Education

Mr. Simon's Health Education

This is a one semester required course that is based on the balance of the physical, mental, and social aspects 

of one’s life.  A main goal of  the course is for the student to take responsibility for his / her health and use the lessons learned here to guide decision-making toward a healthy lifestyle.

            Your Health, Your responsibility (Foundations, Self Esteem, Decision Making) 
            Nutrition (Food groups, Nutrients, Choose My Plate, Package Labels, Meal Planning)
            Fitness Programs and Injuries (5 Components of Fitness, Exercise Regimens, Injuries)
            Mental Health (Characteristics, Maslow’s Hierarchy, Controlling Emotions / Moods)
            Stress (Coping Strategies, Defense Mechanisms)
            Substances (Tobacco, Alcohol, Illegal Drugs)
            Relationships (Violence, Communication)
            Male & Female Body Systems (Reproduction, STD’s, Abstinence /Contraception)
            Adolescence (5 Developmental Tasks)
            Life Cycle (Adult Developmental Tasks, Grief and Death, Suicide)
            Home Emergencies (Water, Fire, Odor, Electrical, Basic First Aid)
This class uses chrome books exclusively for all classwork and projects. Assignment details and due dates are located in Google Classroom and accessed through each student's chrome book. Make sure you get your class code for Google Classroom from Mr. Simon, then you'll have full access to all Health information.