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Background info on "Night" by Wiesel.
Citation maker
Links organized according to philosophers and topics.
Red Cross online museum
UCB site demonstrates physics principles.
UCLA site that talks about plagiarism, includes many links
"Public Library" online
100s of online calculators
13 online acitivites related to geology, physics and space (ages 10-18).
1950s page
Abraham Lincoln
Period photos, quotes, details on Lincoln, additional links too.
American Phusical Society site provides links.
Basic principles of physics taught (ages 10-16)
Black History Month Site
Black panther party
Books correspond to Reading Rainbow episodes.
Brief entries from Columbia Encyclopedia.
Brown v. board
Brown v. board 2
Citation game
Citation maker
Clara Barton
Companion site (with lesson plans) to PBS film about the influenza epidemic of 1918.
Complete text of Charles and Mary Lamb's "Tales of Shakespeare."
Critical Reading site.
Developed by "reading Rockets" a non-profit literacy project.
Dictionary definitions
Easy to navigate access to hundreds of lessons.
Founding of Howard University
Free citation maker
Grades 6 and up health site.
Harlem Renaissance
Harlem Renaissance
Site is created and maintained by high school students. Includes a timeline.
Harriet Tubman
High School 101 Summer Course
Covers issues of concern for incoming 9th graders
Hoaxes and poor examples.
Includes timelines, info on WWII, extensive site.
Arizona State University site that provides links to many museums, sites and resources.
Online images by 100s of prominent artists.
ArtsEdge Lesson Plan
Webquest on genocide
More lesson plans
Literature and language arts lesson plans. Topics include: American and British lit, bios, classics, essays, fiction, poetry and world lit.
Compares "Mockingbird" with The Scottsboro Boys Trial.
Lesson plans, etc.
Provides links to maps of countries, states, etc.
Greek Mythology (MAICAR)
Filled with visual tools to help explain basic geometry, trigonometry, and physics concepts.
Type "family history" or "geneology" in search box.
"To Kill A Mockingbird" Online lessons using primary sources.
Book recommendation site
Graphic novel review site for teens and adults.
Food history 20th Century, U.S.
Features quizzes, etc.
Includes more than 1000 names and concepts.