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SBAC Testing- Attn: Juniors

Good Afternoon Sea Hawk Families:
We hope you all had a relaxing Spring Break with time to connect with each other and time to relax.  As we approach the final stretch of the 18-19 school year, we are now about to begin SBAC testing for our 11th grade students.  We believe that this is an important test for our students for a variety of reasons:
  • This test provides valuable information about each student’s level of proficiency in English, math, and science.  This also allows students to see their growth from their middle school proficiency levels to now.
  • Test scores can be used by students to qualify for GE course placement at CSU and community colleges.
  • Our school results are shared publicly.  It is important that our results support our reputation as a competitive and rigorous academic program.  This contributes to our overall standing and helps students gain access to the more competitive colleges.
  • Finally, we believe that an important life lesson for all Sea Hawks is to always put forth one’s best effort.  While the SBAC will not directly change a student’s report card grade, we do hope that all students will show diligence and determination on the exam.  

Students will take the test in 11th grade English and 11th grade History classes this year.  The English test will be administered on April 23rd – 26th and the math test on May 21st – 24th.   The English and math tests will be given by each student’s English teacher, and each test will take two class periods.  The English and math tests include a Computer Adaptive Test and a Performance Task.   All of the exam is taken on their Chromebooks, and each test is untimed.  Any student who is absent or requires additional time will be allowed to finish later.  The science test will be given May 30th & 31st and June 4th and 5th in 11th grade history classes.   This test is also computer based and includes discrete items and performance tasks.  For more information about the SBAC (ELA & math) or CAST (science test), please reference:

Thank you for supporting our school and our students as they embark on this important testing season.  We look forward to seeing our overall school averages improve and to seeing many individual students demonstrate mastery and growth!




RUHS Administration