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Weight Room


Field House

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Academics » Progress Reports

Progress Reports

RUHS Progress Report



  • Who do progress reports go to?
  1. Any student who currently has a D or F and/or is academically at-risk
  2. The student has attendance issues (more than 2 tardies and/or 1 truancy)
  3. The student has unsatisfactory citizenship
  4. Any student with an IEP; only to provide an update to parent(s) on current progress
  • Does everyone get one?
  1. No, only those listed above


  • What is the best course of action if my child has a D or F in a class?
  1. With your child, look at the IC Portal to see grades and possible missing assignments
  2. Check your student’s attendance record on the IC Portal
  3. Contact the teacher via email or phone (email addresses are the teacher’s first initial, last name ex. John Brown =
  4. Review your student’s diet, sleep schedule, fitness, and peer group


  • Who should I contact?
  1. After reviewing the IC Portal with your child, please contact the teacher(s)


  • What will happen if my child ends up with a D or F at the end of the semester?
  1. Loss of credit for graduation (230 credits required for RUHS graduation)
  2. It may jeopardize college admission and require course repetition and summer school attendance (A-G Eligibility)


  • Is there still time to improve grades/attendance?
  1. Of course! Progress reports are intended to allow time to make improvements


Thank You for Supporting Our Efforts to Make Sure

Every RUHS Student is College Ready