Sea Hawk sign

Small Gym-outside

Basketball court

Coaches' office

Football field-side view

Field House


Big gym hallway

Weight Room

Sea Hawk Bowl at Night

Weight Room

Bleachers- side view

Golf practice

Football -other view


Pool sidewalk

Field House

Locker room

Weight Room

Battling cage



Football field-corner view


Apply for Link Crew

"Current sophomores and juniors.... are you interested in being a leader on campus? If so, apply to join next year's Link Crew! 
You can pick up applications from Ms. Clayton, Ms. Bein, Ms. Duran, Ms. Pattison or Ms. Vasquez. 


To Apply :
Part 1 (online form)
Go to and complete the Google Form application
Part 2 (“about me” page)
Complete this ABOUT ME! page and turn in to one of the teachers listed below.  This will be
your Link Crew Profile if you  are accepted in the program, and will be provided to your “crew”
of incoming freshmen! 

 Bring your completed ABOUT ME  to:
Ms. Bein (Room 804), Ms. Clayton (Room 112),  Ms. Duran (Room 403), Ms. Pattison (Room 801), or  Ms. Vasquez (Room824)


Applications are due by Wednesday, April 4t