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Redondo Union High School believes that close communication between home and school is important to a student’s educational success. Therefore, we value and encourage parental involvement. Should you have questions regarding your student’s performance, please contact the appropriate person so your questions and concerns can be addressed in an effective and timely manner. We also promote and support students taking the opportunity to advocate for themselves. We feel that most issues or concerns can be resolved between (y)our resourceful students and our dedicated teachers and staff.


Please follow the procedures listed below if you have any concerns:
1. Ask your child if he or she has spoken directly with his or her teacher before or after class.
2. Contact your child’s teacher directly.
3. Contact your child’s counselor directly.
4. If the problem is not resolved, please contact an Assistant Principal.
5. If the matter remains unresolved, please address your concerns to Mr. Jens Brandt, Principal.


Every classroom at RUHS is equipped with a telephone and voice mail, and all staff members have an email address. Contact the teacher directly with questions concerning grades, make‐up work, classroom behavior and attendance. All teachers have an individual webpage where you can find homework assignments, long term projects, test information and more. Visit us at Most teacher telephone numbers are simple: call (310) 798‐8665 and insert a “4” in front of the teacher’s room number for the direct extension. If you call during school hours, you will be transferred directly to the teacher’s voice mail. Please leave a message, so she or he may get back to you.


We highly recommend that all parents sign up for Power School in order to check on grades, attendance, and citizenship for your student(s). Please go to the following link:


The school counselor is available to address concerns regarding academic placement, course selection, and overall attendance/behavior. Please contact the Guidance Secretary at 798‐8665 x 4013 to make an appointment, or email the counselor directly.


An administrator will become involved in an unresolved issue only after a parent or student has first communicated directly with the teacher and/or school counselor. This protocol also applies to our coaching staff and extracurricular advisors. EMAIL: It is often easiest to contact teachers and staff via email. All staff have an email address that is their first initial then last name


Please allow up to 24 hours for staff members to return phone calls and emails. As for teachers, please allow for 48 hours as they are teaching throughout the school day. Additionally, we expect all stakeholders (teachers, staff, students, and families) to enjoy communication-free evenings, weekends, and holidays. We also ask that you call to make an appointment when you wish to meet with staff members and/or teachers. In advance, thank you for your cooperation and patience!


Please sign up to receive the weekly email sent out by the PTSA. This email provides a very thorough list of news and items of interest at


Communication is an excellent opportunity for all adults to model the five key social-emotional competencies for our students: Self-awareness, Self-management, Responsibility, Relationship Skills, and Social Awareness. Everyone can promote positive and effective communication!