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Robotics » Beach Cities Robotics

Beach Cities Robotics

The robotics team officially kicked of our 2018 season on Saturday, Jan. 6, when the new game “Power Up” was released.  For those interested in the game we are designing the robot for this year, here is a link to the game explanation and animation.


Our team’s volunteer mentors and students carefully read the rule book (it’s over 100 pages!) and then did a game simulation.  Mentors started gathering materials and organizing supplies so we could build a wooden game field replica in our lab for practice.


On Sunday, Jan. 7, our mechanical student team completed the game field and began designing prototypes for the new robot’s mechanisms. In addition, our programming/strategy student team began to break down the rules and started the beginning stages of forming a strategy for the team. This will be an essential part for the team’s success in this year’s game.  

Meagan Kunert

Social Science Department
Robotics Coach