California Scholarship Federation, Inc.

Redondo Union High School, Chapter 101sc

Elizabeth Valentekovich, advisor: evalentekovich@rbusd.org


Helpful information about applying for CSF:

What is the goal?

  • Redondo Union High School Sealbearers are being recognized as members of a state honor roll.  At graduation, each will wear a gold stole with an enameled CSF pin, and a gold tassel on their hat instead of the red and white one; each sealbearer also has a special gold seal on their diploma.

When/How do I apply?

  • CSF application windows open in the fall and the spring, usually beginning at the end of September and at the end of February. The windows are always posted on the school’s main calendar. The window is open for two weeks.

  • You’ll need the application and your report card (or a copy of it). In the fall, report card copies are not available on Infinite Campus, so save your mailed card. If you don’t have it any longer, Ms. Kahan or Ms. Scarcliff in the office will print you a copy if you ask them politely. In the spring, you may print your own copy off of Infinite Campus if you don’t have your hard copy.

  • Membership is neither automatic nor compulsory. It is the responsibility of the student to be

    knowledgeable of registration periods and deadlines and to submit the approved application and the

registration fee to the ASB finance office by the end of the school day on the last day of the window.

Retroactive membership is prohibited.

  • Semester membership is based on work done in the previous semester, and you must reapply each

semester. Qualified students must pay the $5.00 dues each semester.

Where do I get an application?

The applications are available in room 705 or on this page, in pdf form, during open windows.

You may print from home IF you

  • use black ink,
  • do NOT shrink the application, and
  • hole punch the form.

**Applications that are not hole punched and/or not filled out in pen will not be accepted. **

How do I qualify?

  • In order to be a sealbearer at graduation, a student must qualify and apply to CSF at least four

times, beginning with sophomore grades. Of these four, a student must qualify and apply using

Senior grades at least once in order to earn sealbearer status.

  • Second semester senior grades CAN count; seniors who need to use these grades will be contacted via their school email during graduation week to come to campus to pick up their graduation gear. These seniors will NOT have the gear for the senior breakfast panorama photo, as the final grades will not be calculated yet.
  • Although freshman grades do not count toward sealbearer status, many students apply with these grades so they can list their continuous membership on their college paperwork.
  • Freshman who are interested in applying must wait to apply until they have an RUHS report card. No freshman should apply in the fall with junior high grades.
  • Summer School courses are not eligible for CSF membership.
  • Only college courses taken concurrently with high school courses can be used for membership.
  • A grade of D or F in any course, even in one you cannot use to qualify, disqualifies you from


  • A U in citizenship in any course, even in one you cannot use to qualify, disqualifies you from


  • A student transferring from a CSF chartered high school can apply at Redondo. A student transferring from a non-CSF chartered school will not be able to use grades from that school to qualify (Some private schools do not do CSF.)
  • There is not a specific GPA requirement for CSF. Instead, eligibility is based on a points system. (See below for calculation system.) Students need ten points to be eligible. Points awarding is based both on letter grades and class types (see Lists on pdf).
  • One additional point may be granted for a grade of A or B in an AP or Honors course, up to a maximum of TWO POINTS per semester. Only two classes can earn additional points. A grade of “C” cannot earn any points.

These are the directions on the application for how to calculate the points.

To qualify for CSF membership this semester, follow these guidelines:

  1. You must earn a minimum of 10 points from last semester’s grades.
  1.  The first 4 points must be from LIST I. All 10 points can be earned from List I classes alone.
  2.  The first 7 points (including the four points described in “a”) must be from LISTS I and II.
  3.  The remaining 3 points may come from LIST  III.
  1. You must use no more than 5 courses to qualify.
  2. No CSF points are given for physical education, courses taken in lieu of physical education, repeated courses, summer school courses, special education courses, courses involving Lab/Teacher Assistant, Office/Library Aide, SCROC, and courses taken on a pass/fail basis.
  3. CSF points are granted as follows:

A = 3 points        B = 1 point        C = 0 points

How do I know if I’ve qualified for sealbearer?

  • Listen for announcements and look for the posted lists around campus a few weeks after the spring registration window closes. One list will be a “SEALBEARER” list of students who are all set. These students will be able to pick up their CSF gear in June. Listen for announcements for when the gear is available.
  • The other list will be a “POTENTIAL SEALBEARER” list, consisting of names of students who are missing a fourth semester, a semester of senior grades, or both. Students on this list may still use their second semester of senior grades to qualify, but these seniors will NOT have the gear for the senior breakfast panorama photo, as the final grades will not be calculated yet. Once they are contacted that they have qualified, they will pick up their gear up during graduation week from Mrs. Valentekovich (Yes, they will have to come to campus at snack one day, even though they are already done). They will need photo ID and $5.  Students will be contacted via school email whether or not they qualify for sealbearer.

If you have any other questions, please contact Mrs. Valentekovich at evalentekovich@rbusd.org