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Welcome to the attendance page. We have designed our attendance policies to be in alignment with the California Education Code, with the best interest and safety of your students at the forefront, while maintaining professional expectations in our office. We appreciate that all of our parents understand that we may require written notification as a safeguard for all of our students. In the event that your son or daughter is absent without your knowledge, you will appreciate the added precautions that we have built into our policies.


RUHS Attendance Policy

1. All students have 5 school days and only 5 school days to clear an absence.

2. A tardy is not excused without a note issued from a medical/dental facility.

3. Partial absences reported online will only be accepted if a student misses an entire period(s) before arriving at school. Please call the office or have your student bring a note to be excused if they are leaving early. (Refer below for off-grounds pass issuance)

4. If a student needs to leave school at any time he/she MUST check out through the Attendance Office and get an Off Grounds Pass. Should a student leave without a pass he/she will be considered TRUANT.

5. DO NOT wait until the last minute to call or bring in a note for an Off Grounds Pass. Parents CANNOT clear an absence if their student did not get an Off Grounds Pass. Any student caught with a forged note or call will be given a one week snack and lunch detention.

6. All notes for Off-grounds passes and clearing absences must include STUDENT NAME, GRADE, PARENT DAYTIME CONTACT PHONE NUMBER, and the reason they were out. Any note that is not legible or has a wrong phone number WILL NOT be processed.

7. Phone calls WILL NOT be taken for Off Grounds Passes during Snack or Lunch.

8. If a Parent does not sign their student out, his/her Off Grounds Pass WILL NOT be excused until he/she returns it signed by a parent or with an attached Medical/Court note within 5 school days.

9. If a student is feeling ill, he/she needs to check out through the Health Office to receive an off-grounds pass.

Thank you for considering the safety and well-being of all RUHS students and adhering to the policies that are set in place.


RUHS Administration

(310) 798-8665 x4017




Attendance & Citzenship

Attendance & Citizenship

Disclaimer: This is a summary of the information found in our Student Handbook. 

For complete information for any of these topics, please refer to the RUHS Student Handbook.




Be Present; Be On Time; Clear Your Absences

  • Consistent attendance creates better learning for all students.  The classroom is a community, and student participation strengthens that community.
  • Excellent attendance will be recognized this year.  Gift cards and drawings will occur throughout the year to celebrate students who are always here and on time.
  • Students will 3 or more unexcused absences will be referred to SART.
  • Student absences must be cleared within 5 days.
  • After the fifth day, uncleared absences are permanently recorded as a truancy. 



Think Before You Speak (or Post)

  • RUHS has a zero tolerance policy for bullying.
  • Bullying can occur in person, in writing, and online.
  • Bullying may include slurs, jokes, threats, displays of bigotry, hate speech, etc. 
  • Any interaction that makes a student feel targeted and/or unsafe will be viewed as bullying.
  • Cyber bullying will not be permitted regardless of when the incident takes place.


Social Media

Think Before You Speak (or Post)

  • Responsible use of technology and social media is key.  Your social media presence will follow you.
  • In recent news, online activity has led to college acceptance revocations, job loss, and at times criminal charges. 
  • Be conscientious about the content that is posted and shared – including pictures and videos. 
  • Students involved in extracurricular sports, clubs, etc. will lose privileges when found to engage in inappropriate social media usage.


Academic Honesty Pledge

Show Integrity; Do Your Personal Best

  • RUHS values integrity and expects students to show integrity in their daily work, including homework, tests, essays, and class assignments. 
  • Students found in violation of this will face progressive consequences including a zero on the assignment and a lowered citizenship grade.
  • Remember that integrity of work extends to online platforms as well.  Be aware of when a Google doc/electronic assignment is collaborative and when it should be completed independently.



Classroom Expectations

Be Respectful & Participatory

  • All students are expected to participate in the learning environment in a way that shows respect to self, peers, teachers, and property.  Student behaviors should allow learning to take place, and when a student’s behavior interferes with learning, consequences will be assigned by either the teacher and/or school administration.


Dress Code

Dress for Success

  • Expectations for the RUHS dress code are in the student handbook. 
  • Students who are out of dress code will be asked to change and issued loaner clothing as needed.
  • Multiple infractions will result in guardian notification and additional consequences.


Drug Possession/Use

Be Safe & Sober

  • While under the jurisdiction of our school, students are not permitted to use, possess, be under the influence of, or distribute tobacco, drugs, or alcohol.  This includes legal, illegal, prescription, and over the counter drugs. 
  • Students who require the use of prescription or over the counter drugs should check in with the health office. 
  • Students who are over the age of 18 are still required to adhere to these policies. 
  • Students who do not meet these expectations will receive consequences up to and including suspensions, conditional enrollment contracts, and expulsions.


Cellphone & Electronics Policy

Be Present; Focus on Your Learning

  • Students are welcome to use their cell phones before and after school and during snack, lunch, and passing periods. 
  • All phones should be off and in the student’s locker or backpack. 
  • Teachers retain the right to ask students to turn their phones in to a secure location at the start of class.
  • Blue tooth and external speakers are not permitted at RUHS at any time during the day.  (NEW POLICY)
  • Students who use these speakers or who use their cell phones during class time will have their devices confiscated for the remainder of the day.

Report Absence Online

Click on the link below to report an absence online.  Please make sure all information is correct in the designated fields.  Email verification will be made within 48 hours of submission. 

Do not report a tardy or request for off-grounds online, it will NOT be accepted.

Click here for link

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