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CA Education Code 221.9- Athletics




What is the basis for the new California Education Code requirement to post athletic participation numbers on the school website?

Education Code section 221.9 requires that each public elementary and secondary school, including charter schools, that offers competitive athletics must make available participation information regarding the athletics program, starting with the 2015‐16 school year and every year thereafter.

Specifically, the code requires:

  • If the school has a website, the information is to be posted there.
  • If the school does not have a website, the information is to be posted on the district website.


What information needs to be posted to meet the requirements of new California Education Code section 221.9?

California Education Code section 221.9 requires the posting of the following information:

  • The total enrollment of the school, classified by gender.
  • The number of pupils enrolled at the school who participate in competitive athletics, classified by gender.
  • The number of boys’ and girls’ teams, classified by sport and by competition level.


What is the definition of “competitive athletics” according to California Education Code 221.9?

“Competitive athletics” means sports where the activity has coaches, a governing organization, and practices, and competes during a defined season, and has competition as its primary goal.


We do a yearly list for CIF on our participation numbers. Is this sufficient or do we need to do something else?

NO. Education Code 221.9 becomes effective in 2016 and is a separate reporting requirement from reporting CIF participation numbers. It is actually simpler than the CIF requirement. You are required to do both. You can use the participation numbers from your CIF data to complete the section 221.9 positing. You may also consider non‐CIF sports such as sand volleyball, STUNT, surf club, etc. for this report. The section 221.9 participation report is required to be posted to the school website on or before June 30.


We have some students that participate in games sponsored by City, Parks and Recreation. I am not aware of them having a governing organization as required by California Education Code 221.9. Would you say then that those activities are exempt?

If the answer to ALL of the following questions are “yes”, then the park and recreation department is a governing organization for purposes of year‐end posting.

  • Does the park and recreation department set or adopt rules and bylaws for a league?
  • Does the park and recreation department set the schedule for the season and games?
  • Are the teams identified by school?


If a district or school determines that the athletics provided do not meet the requirements of Education Code section 221.9, what should be posted, if anything?

Recommended language for posting in these circumstances is: “[Name of School or District] did not offer competitive athletics as that term is defined by Education Code Section 221.9 (e) in the 2015‐2016 school year.”