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AP® Exams begin on Monday, May 11. We've outlined steps you should take to ensure your students are prepared to test.


Read the 2020 AP Testing Guide (.pdf/10.37 MB) and watch the overview video. The comprehensive guide will help you walk through exam preparation, and the video gives a high-level overview of this year's exams.

Practice the exam process with the exam demo. You now have access to an exam demo. Students should use the demo to practice the different ways to submit exam responses. World language students will be able to practice with the AP World Languages Exam App beginning the week of May 11.

Review the required and recommended resource list. Make sure you know what resources you can use during your exams and how you can access them.

Two Days Before Each Exam

Confirm that you have located your e-ticket. Two days before each exam, students will receive an email with their unique exam e-ticket that includes their AP ID. On exam day, students will use their e-ticket to access the exam. If a student hasn't received their exam e-ticket by email, they can access it through their student account on My AP. E-tickets are nontransferable and shouldn't be shared with anyone. Students who haven't been receiving College Board emails still have time to confirm their contact information.

Remember Students:  Complete the AP Exam Day Checklist (.pdf/513.39 KB) for each exam you're taking. Students should complete this checklist and keep a printed or handwritten copy with them for reference during testing. Completing the checklist will help students feel confident they're set up for success.

On Exam Day

Remember Students:  Click on your e-ticket to check in 30 minutes before exam start time. Students should allot 80 minutes for each exam—30 minutes to enter their AP ID, name, and other information, and 50 minutes to draft and submit their responses. Make sure your students know their local testing time, since each subject's exam will be taken simultaneously worldwide.

Ensure your know what to do if something goes wrong. If a student accidentally closes the browser, their device crashes, or they temporarily lose internet access, they can quickly click their exam e-ticket again to return to the exam. They should continue the exam, and if they feel at the end of the exam that the temporary disruption negatively impacted their performance, they can request approval to take the makeup exam at Students can also request a makeup exam if they've lost too much time due to a technical problem, can't connect to their exam, or experienced some other serious disruption.

Additional Information

This week, Online AP Classes and Review Sessions will focus on the exam day experience and review new sample questions for all non-portfolio courses. These sample questions are available on each subject's course page.

If you have additional questions, please check our in-depth FAQ page for educators. We have developed, and are regularly updating, this comprehensive list of answers to questions we're hearing from students and educators. Other resources are available on

During this unprecedented time, we're grateful for your continued support and commitment to your success.


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Revised AP Exam Schedule - 2020








May 11



US Govt & Politics


May 12


Calculus AB





Calculus BC



May 13

Physics 2

English Literature

European History


May 14



Physics 1


May 15

Art History

U.S. History

Computer Science A







May 18



Environmental Science


May 19

Music Theory




May 20


English Language



May 21

French Language




May 22



Spanish Language


Computer Science Principles - There will be no end-of-year exam.  The exam score will be computed from the Create and Explore Performance Tasks.




Art and Design: 

        2D, 3D and Drawing


The deadline for submission of artworks in the AP Art and Design digital submission web application is extended to May 26, 11:59 pm ET. Artworks will only be submitted digitally this year.  There is no physical portfolios in 2020.




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