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Principal's Message

RUHS Community,


Wow!  This school-year flew by and there are only a few weeks left before we celebrate the Sea Hawk graduating class of 2022!  We are extremely proud of all of our Sea Hawks for their resiliency, determination, and grit!  Our school community continues to thrive and every day this spring has been packed with end of the year activities and student acknowledgements.  Advanced Placement exams finished last week (students/staff are relieved) and one more week of the CAASPP assessments remain (11th grade only).   Our 11th and 12th grade students will be attending the Enchanted Forest themed RUHS Prom, tomorrow!  We wish our students a safe close to the school year.  Please assist in building our learning community and Sea Hawk culture by supporting positive decision making on and off campus.  Sea Hawk pride and integrity is our collective effort where our direct and indirect (social media) communications and interactions make us who we are.  


Let’s finish this historic year STRONG!





May Events (Senior Events Highlighted)

  • 16th -27th CAASPP Assessments (11th Grade)
  • 21st Prom (see attached parking documents)
  • 23rd Cap and Gown Distribution
  • 25th Senior Excursion
  • 27th Senior Luau
  • 27th RBEF Light Up The Night 
  • 30th Memorial Day Holiday
  • 31st All Awards Night 
  • 31st  – June 2nd Senior Finals
  • 31st RUHS School Site Council 


June Events (Senior Events Highlighted)

  • May 31st – June 2nd, Senior Finals
  • 3rd - Senior Breakfast
  • 6th -8th –Finals Schedule (Early release)
  • 8th Last Day of School 
  • 9th - Graduation – Teacher’s Last Work Day 
April 6, 2022

Sea Hawks,


Can you believe it?  Quarter 3 has officially ended and grades will be updated in PowerSchool at the end of the day, Friday, April 8th.  Please expect a progress report card to arrive after Spring Break to your residence.  Please note, the grades are not transcribed at this time, however it is a gauge to review course progress. 


As we soar into the tail end of this school year, take some time during Spring Break to reflect on how to finish academically strong.  Use the questions below to assist with your reflection.


  • Do I need to advocate for myself?  Have I checked my PowerSchool/Schoology lately?
  • Am I considerate of others and think beyond myself?
  • Am I committed to making healthy choices for my mind, body, and spirit? 


Important COVID-19 Resources: 


We are pleased to announce that RBUSD is able to provide a COVID home test-kit for every student prior to spring break. Test kits will be distributed to students during their fifth period on Wednesday, April 6. Students without a 5th period can pick one up at the gate as they leave campus that day. If a student is absent, the kit will remain in the 5th period classroom for when they return.


The intention is for a student to use one of the home tests on Sunday, April 17, before returning to campus on Monday, April 18. If a student tests positive, then please have the student stay home and report the positive test using this form (link here).  Please view (this link) if you have questions regarding the LACDPH guidance.   


Thank you:


Sea Hawks, this year has been extraordinary.  We have been back on campus for 3 quarters now!  From the first day of school, until this point, we have ducked and dodged waves of Omicron and found ways to support each other, take care of ourselves, access our coursework and find individual success.  Thank you in advance to our Sea Hawk parents, staff and students for being resilient, empathetic and understanding.  Furthermore, the year is not over and we need to continue to lean on each other as we wrap up the year and celebrate our graduating class of 2022 and our individual efforts.  It is also time to celebrate our collective Sea Hawk efforts, such as our CIF Girls and Boys Soccer Champions, our Division 2A Marching Band and Dance Guard Crown, our Academic Decathlon taking second place in the state competition and of course the production of Mamma Mia breaking our theatre ticket sales record!  There are so many excellent opportunities (too many to mention) that are experienced daily here at RUHS!  Thank you again for thriving, Sea Hawks.  Have a safe and relaxing Spring Break!


Important Dates: 


  • April 6th – Esports Championship – RU Auditorium 6:30 PM (FREE)
  • April 7th – Academic Letter Ceremony – Sea Hawk Bowl 6:30 PM (Invite Only)
  • April 11th -15th – Spring Break
  • May 2nd – 13th – AP Testing Window
  • May 4th – Athletic Information Night – Sea Hawk Bowl – More information to come
  • May 11th – RU Virtual Art Show – More information to come
  • May 16th – 27th CAASPP Testing Window (11th grade)
  • May 21st Prom 
  • May 25th Senior Excursion (CA Adventure)
  • May 27th Senior Luau 
  • May 30th Memorial Day Holiday – No School 
  • May 31st June 2nd – Senior Finals
  • May 31st RU Yearbook Distribution 
  • June 3rd – Senior Breakfast
  • June 6th – 8th Final Exam Schedule 
  • June 9th – Graduation 3:00 PM Sea Hawk Bowl
March 10, 2022
Dear RUHS Community:



Every few years, our RUHS community receives an accreditation visit from the Western Association of Schools & Colleges (WASC).


WASC serves a number of purposes:


  • Our RUHS diplomas/transcripts are accredited and can be used for college applications and acceptance
  • Assures our school community that we have a viable educational program
  • Allows our stakeholders an opportunity to analyze what is going well and refine what can be done better


There are a number of other benefits of the WASC process and visit. Please feel free to visit the aforementioned link for more information.


Our 21-22 WASC visit is scheduled for Sunday, March 13th, to Wednesday, March 16th. This will be an in-person visit, welcoming seven well-experienced educators on the RUHS campus. The WASC visiting team will meet with students, staff, teachers, parents, and community members.


Finally, please feel free to read over our WASC report, which can be found below.


A special thanks to our WASC team of writers, staff and stakeholder contributions, for their assistance in preparing our report.


As always, please reach out should you have any questions and/or needs.




Anthony Bridi

RUHS Principal


January 21, 2022


Sea Hawks,


We hope all is well for you and your families. As of today, Friday, January 21st, we are officially halfway through the school year.


We realize the last few weeks have been challenging for everyone: Students, Teachers, Staff, and Families. With that, we appreciate and applaud your resilience, patience, and care.


As we enter the second semester of 21/22, please discuss the following reflection questions as a family:


  • Do I need to reach out to my teachers to agree upon a make-up exam date?
  • Are my social-emotional skills growing by the day? Do I practice self-awareness, self-management, and good judgement at school and beyond?
  • Am I considerate of others and think beyond myself?
  • Am I committed to making healthy choices for my mind, body, and spirit?
  • Am I building my resume and earning money with a part-time job? Are you making financial plans for the future?
  • Am I making long-term college & career plans?  Am I on track to graduate and am I A-G eligible? Have I considered enrolling or visiting SCROC and El Camino?

Important Dates:


  • End of Semester One: Friday, January 21
  • Semester Break (No School): Monday, January 24
  • First day of Semester Two classes:  Tuesday, January 25
    • Please check PowerSchool to confirm updated class schedules
  • Four Day Weekend: February 18-21


Important COVID-19 Resources:


  • Please click here when reporting positive tests, exposure, and/or symptoms or call the RUHS Attendance Office at 310-798-8665 ext. 4017  
  • Thank you for using the at-home kits for our recent testing request. Please go here if you would like to order more for your family. The kits are also available via the federal government
  • PCR testing is available at BCHD during the week. Weekend PCR testing is available for the rest of January at RUHS (Main Parking Lot)
  • Here are some additional COVID-19 resources for students and families: BCHD COVID-19 Updates & LACDPH


Sea Hawks, enjoy the long weekend.  We look forward to seeing you relaxed and recharged for the second semester.




Anthony Bridi

Proud RUHS Principal

January 12, 2022

Sea Hawks,


If you have not already done so, please read the message sent yesterday afternoon, also included below.  I want you all to know, we are listening to every concern, and particularly worries about attendance. RUHS understands that students may be absent due to COVID-19 isolation or quarantine requirements.  We, your teachers, counselors, and administration, are here to assist with any required absences.  My ask is that you do your part while on campus by masking indoors and outdoors, and effectively communicating with staff and your peers of upcoming preparations for mid-term exams.  And last,  continue to communicate with us as to how best we can help you through the month of January, as every day poses new challenges that we need to overcome together. 


You can always reach out to me or the RU staff, if you have additional questions or concerns that come up.




Anthony Bridi

Proud RUHS Principal




January 11, 2021


RUHS Community,


Thank you for your care and concern for our Sea Hawks.  There is a delicate balance at this time between structured guidance and flexibility that is necessary and appreciated.  This speaks to all, Sea Hawks.  We are committed to keeping schools open and moving forward with mid-term exams as planned (see schedule below) and in-person.  The RUHS staff are committed to being understanding and supportive during the end of this semester.  If your student is absent during mid-term exam week, the teacher and student will communicate a make-up exam solution, where the date and time are agreed upon.  This realistically would take place the following week.  This is a case-by-case situation as the number of students potentially missing mid-term exams is unknown at this time.  The RUHS staff have the individual understanding of each situation and can best provide student guidance and uphold the integrity and security of each make-up exam.  


Please assist in having your student advocate for themselves by communicating with their teachers.   RUHS is realistic that student attendance may be compromised due to valid COVID-19 reasons.  Reasonable efforts will be made at the end of this semester to assist with Sea Hawk academic success.


Anthony Bridi 



(Exams, Day 1, January 19th – Periods 1 & 2)

(Exams, Day 2, January 20th – Periods 3 & 4)

(Exams, Day 3, January 21st – Periods 5 & 6)


Warning Bell ------------------------------7:45

First Exam ------------------------7:55 – 9:55

SNACK ---------------------------9:55 – 10:20

Second Exam -----------------10:30 – 12:30

December 17, 2021


RU Community,
Please read the holiday message shared with Sea Hawks this morning and save the January dates in your calendar.  

Have a safe and memorable holiday and a restful start to 2022.


Anthony Bridi

Sea Hawks,


I hope the month of December finds you well.  One more day until holiday break!  


As you venture out to enjoy free time and build lasting memories with family and friends this season, I welcome you to visit these links: BCHD and South Bay Families Connected should you need helpful resources over the holidays and beyond.  The suggestions are relevant to our immediate future as a healthy learning community.   I also welcome you to initiate conversations about academic goal setting, developing or continuing healthy routines, and practicing authentic experiences by being present and in the moment.  This is the time to create intentional plans, put them into action, and begin your New Year’s resolutions. 

Sea Hawks, it has been extremely fulfilling seeing you all back onto campus this year.  Upon your return, January 3rd, I look forward to finishing the semester strong with determination and purpose.

I wish you a safe, happy, and restful New Year!

Go Sea Hawks,

Anthony Bridi 


  • Winter Break: 12/20-12/31 
  • January 3rd - School Resumes 
  • January 17th - No School – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday
  • January 19th - 21st – Semester Finals
  • January 24th – No School – Semester Break 



December 8, 2021

Sea Hawk Community,

Please read the message that was sent to students this afternoon.  There are many live links for you(r) student to review and reflect upon.  Student expectations, accountability, and success are our collective priority.

Thank you,

Anthony Bridi
Proud RUHS Principal


Sea Hawks,


Coming back from our experience last year (Distance Learning) and the sometimes very personal challenges of COVID 19, the staff at RUHS have provided a school environment to ease you back into the expectations of In-person Learning. You may have noticed teachers tend to give more breaks, have lessons outside of the classroom environment, and/or have taken different approaches in supporting and understanding (y)our new normal here on campus. 


In the first quarter, we have not made it our main priority to enforce rules, regarding tardiness and dress code, however there are very precise guidelines regarding these policies. It is time to reprioritize these topics and return to a set of reasonable expectations.  Redondo Union has high standards for student behavior.  Collectively our focus is on (S)afety, (O)wnership, (A)cceptance, and (R)espect for our ourselves and our learning community.  These standards are not new, however it is time to increase awareness (click here - SOAR) of what it means to be a Sea Hawk.


So, if you have been giving yourself the freedom to get to class late, or wear items that violate Redondo Union’s dress code (click here – page 6), it is time to start holding yourself to a higher standard. 

Teachers recently reviewed RUHS’ citizenship rubric (click here- Citizenship) during SSH. 


                1) You should have no more than 2 tardies during a quarter. 

                                3 tardies = N in citizenship, 4 tardies = U in citizenship

                2) You should have zero unexcused absences

                                1 unexcused absence = N, 2 unexcused absences = U


Sea Hawks, there will be consequences for your negative actions only if they exist.  You have the ability to individually choose and/or control your personal level of accountability.   You will be assigned lunch detention by your teacher starting with the 3rd tardy and any unexcused absence, in addition you may be issued lunch detention(s) for excessive dress code violations. 


These expectations involve our entire Sea Hawk community. Please take this semester as an opportunity and invitation for reflection/growth.  It is highly important to realize negative citizenship marks will have an impact on extracurricular activities.  Thank you in advance for reviewing Redondo Union’s school policies (parent student handbook – no go list page 12, athletic eligibility) and proactively engaging in our positive Sea Hawk culture.


Anthony Bridi

Proud RUHS Principal

August 20, 2021


Sea Hawk Families,


Hello, my name is Anthony Bridi, the new and very honored principal of the finest high school in the South Bay, Redondo Union High School (RUHS).  I am excited to begin the 2021-2022 school year and want you to know this campus feels like home.  I have roots here at RUHS, serving as an assistant principal for two RUHS leaders, Dr. Nicole Wesley and Mr. Jens Brandt.   I am proud to be part of this lineage and ready to lead our Redondo learning community to a successful and safe return.  Enough about me…

The past two weeks have been full of exciting opportunities for our students and community, starting with the RU student/parent orientation held August 6th.  A quick shout out to our ASB students and Stephanie Matheson, our New ASB Director, for taking the lead during this well attended event.  Our RUHS Cheer Team also deserves recognition for their strong leadership and guidance during the RU back to school events.  Since we are singing the praises of all those influencing our student and staff arrival to campus, the RU Counseling Team deserves a shout for supporting all of our fledgling and mature Sea Hawks!  In addition, I would like to welcome our new Athletic Director, Evan Fujinaga!  Mr. Fujinaga has picked up the ball and hit the ground running since his arrival mid-August, literally.  This message wouldn’t be complete without acknowledging our amazing Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) volunteers and fearless President, Sondi Foley.  Their dedication and welcomed service to our learning community is unparalleled in the South Bay!

Sea Hawk families, we are dedicated to ensure that your students thrive on and off campus.  Please support our extracurricular activities such as RU athletics, clubs, and healthy forms of social activities.  We look forward to seeing you at the many future events associated with Redondo Union.  As a reminder, please assist by keeping yourself and others safe while on any RBUSD campus by:

  • Wearing a mask when on campus (always indoors, this includes gyms)
  • Maintain distance from others
  • Frequently wash your hands, especially before eating
  • Actively answer the questions when passively screening before coming to campus


As a partner in your student’s academic growth and social/emotional maturity this school year, we thank you in advance for your support. 


Anthony Bridi

Proud RUHS Principal



*Save the Dates*


Month of August              

24          Yearbook Pick-up, Grades 11 and 12 (RU Auditorium, 3:00 6:00 PM) *2021 Edition

25          Yearbook Pick-up, Grades 10, 11, and 12 (RU Auditorium, 3:00 6:00 PM) *2021 Edition                      

Month of September

6            No School

7            No School

16          No School

8 – 25    RBEF Investor Blitz (Details Coming Soon)

Month of October

1            Homecoming – Sea Hawk Bowl vs. Peninsula, 7:00 PM

2            Homecoming Dance – RUHS Campus (Details Coming Soon)


Sea Hawks,


Welcome to your first day of school, here at RUHS.  We, the staff, are committed to assist in your academic growth and your overall well-being as Sea Hawks.  I ask you to have pride in (y)our school, and (y)our community.  Please assist by being safe, patient, and kind while navigating your individual path, on the first day, to your last day. 


You can immediately do your part by:


  • Wearing a mask when on campus (always in doors)
  • Maintain distance from others
  • Frequently wash your hands, especially before eating
  • Actively answer the questions when passively screening before coming to campus


I thank you in advance for making our experience together safe and unforgettable.


Have a great first day, SEA HAWKS.




Anthony Bridi