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Principal's Message

RUHS, End of the Year Message


Sea Hawks,
Thank you for a great year here at Redondo Union High School!  This is the time to celebrate your individual success and personal growth as you enter the summer months.  If you haven’t already, please thank those that have put in the time to assist in your academic maturity and of course wish the Class of ’24 farewell, as they take ownership of their futures and navigate the promise of our global society.  
Continue to make a difference this summer by taking care of yourself, each other, and our community!  Have fun, be active, hang out with those that you appreciate and appreciate you.  But most importantly, be curious and embrace your adventurous spirit; any and all new experiences may open the door to newfound passion and purpose that may set you on an unexpected course that we (RUHS) can assist in developing when you return.
We look forward to the upcoming school year, which begins August 21st (first student day), ready to conquer the new challenges that await!  Please stay current with RUHS communications via our website for any updates!  Taking AP’s next year?  Please click on this link to assist with AP summer reading/assignments!
 Again, Class of 2024, we are proud of you! We look forward to being the recipients of your future contributions to our community and world.
 Your very proud principal, 
 Anthony Bridi 
Upcoming Dates and Events:
Final Exams
June 4th           Final Exams for Periods 1 & 2 
June 5th           Final Exams for Periods 3 & 4 
June 6th           Final Exams for Periods 5 & 6 
(First exam at 8:30/Second exam at 11:00; Dismissal at 1:00)
 June 7th                   
 RUHS Class of ’24 Graduation   (Click here to watch live)
 June - July
 RUHS/RBUSD Credit Recovery Summer School (Student Invitation Only) - Individualized communications to be sent to select student/families
 Semester 1: June 17 - July 3, 2023
 Semester 2: July 8 -July 25, 2023
 Days Off: June 19, July 4, 5, 12, 19, 26
 Summer School Hours:
 Instruction: 8:00 – 10:30 a.m. 
 Lunch: 10:30 – 11:00 a.m. 
 Instruction: 11:00 – 1:30 p.m.
RBEF Summer School (click link to access information)
 RUHS Registration Dates and Freshman / New student Orientation (click here for information)
12th Grade – August 9th, (Fri) 8:30 am – 12:30 pm
 11th Grade – August 12th, (Mon) 8:30 am – 12:30 pm
 10th Grade – August 13th, (Tues) 8:30 am – 12:30 pm
 9th Grade – August 14th,  (Wed) 8:30 am – 12:30 pm
 *** Make-ups (all grades) – August 15th, (Thur) 8:30 am – 12:30 pm ***
 Freshmen / New Student Orientation – August 16th (click Here)
 RUHS Website
 Beach Cities Health Center
 Health and Wellness
 allcove Beach Cities



April 2, 2024

RUHS Students,

We are heading into the beginning of the 4th quarter!  Yes, the year is going quickly!  Take this as an opportunity to reflect on what is going well in your classes and maximize all the “best practices,” as you know the specific dynamics of each class.

Take the time to review your progress from last semester to now.  Are there significant changes you can quantify, such as grades, behavior, attendance, interactions, mood, motivation…?  The list goes on.  If yes, what are you doing to support or highlight your progress in class (positive or negative)?  Are there others on your team that need to be knowledgeable of what you observe, parents/guardians, counselors, coaches, administrators, post-secondary representatives?  

Today is the day!  Learning and acknowledging your personal growth will assist in your path of taking ownership of your efforts.  Please do not hesitate to communicate to those on your team what is working well and what you can do better to get the grade you deserve.  Put self-advocacy to work!  Acknowledge where you are as you reflect.  What now?  What next?  Celebrate your success too, or if you feel stagnant ask yourself how you can enhance your experience.  

Last, as we head into a well-deserved Spring Break, keep your safety and well-being a priority.  Do not lose sight of your surroundings by being self-aware, surround yourself with those you trust, and assist those that may need your help in time of need.  Also, utilize your downtime by reviewing resources that are readily available to you.

RUHS Website                                               RBUSD Website                     Powerschool 

South Bay Families Connected                       allcove Beach Cities              Sprigeo 

Thank you for taking the lead in acknowledging your progress, Sea Hawks!

Spring Break will be here before you know it!  Let’s finish the school year strong!


Anthony Bridi

RUHS Principal




December 15, 2023


Dear RUHS Community,


With full hearts, we thank you for your partnership in ensuring a safe, welcoming, and engaging school environment. We are tremendously proud of how (y)our students have adjusted to a new climate in the final weeks before winter break, and we want to express our deep appreciation to all Sea Hawks for coming together as a community. Thank you.


Before we take some time for a restful and restorative break, we would like to reflect on a few of the great things our Sea Hawks have accomplished so far this year. These moments of achievement are the culmination of months–sometimes years–of effort, and demonstrate how well-rounded, or well-Redondo’d, our community truly is:

  • RUHS was named the #1 Football Student Section in LA County for the second year in a row
  • A grand total of 679 juniors and seniors received letters and pins at Academic Letter Night
  • Our Girls Flag Football and Girls Cross Country teams became Bay League Champions
  • RUHS Performing Arts proudly presented productions of Sweeney Todd and Lost Girl
  • Team RUHS fielded 443 walkers at the Skechers Friendship Walk
  • RUHS Library hosted the first ever RUHS Scholastic Book Fair
  • Our Mock Trial teams made the top 16 teams for all LA County
  • RUHS Marching Band and Dance Guard made it to the Championships for the ninth year in a row


The achievements of RUHS students are many, far beyond the few listed above. We are always proud of our Sea Hawks, and appreciate the dedication and enthusiasm they bring to campus each day.


On Friday, December 15, students brought holiday gifts and treats along with their dedication and enthusiasm, and the last student entered campus at 9:48 a.m. Teachers were notified that they should expect all students in their classrooms by 9:58 a.m., and the last school day before winter break was underway. 


Sea Hawks, we look forward to welcoming you back to campus on Wednesday, January 3. Before we resume in January, we will provide more updates via ParentSquare on how we will continue to ensure campus safety moving forward. 


We wish you all a safe, peaceful, joy-filled holiday and a Happy New Year! 


See you in 2024, and Go Sea Hawks!


Anthony Bridi

Proud RUHS Principal

Friday, November 17, 2023


RUHS Holiday Message


RUHS Students, Staff, and Families:
Happy Thanksgiving Break! Please safely enjoy the time away from school. We look forward to seeing you back on Monday, November 27th.
The holidays are an opportunity to remind ourselves, friends, and families about the importance of gratitude.  Please watch the most recent RUTV, highlighting our recent RUHS events, which include a brief reminder about E-bike safety and a Bridi Break Thanksgiving message.
Here at RUHS, we are grateful for our wonderful students, caring staff, and supportive parents/guardians.  Thank you for being part of this amazing, thriving community.   By the way, did you hear our Sea Hawk FLOCK, has again been selected as the #1 Football Student Section in LA County?   GO SEA HAWKS!
Our Sea Hawk family wishes all of you a memorable and restful week off.
 Anthony Bridi


August 16, 2023

Dear RUHS Families:
Welcome back!    Thank you for making the first few weeks on the RUHS campus memorable.  RUHS registration and new student/parent orientation was a blast, and now the first day of school is already under our belts.  Thank you for partnering with RUHS in the academic growth and social emotional development of (y)our student(s).  Please assist in ways that we can encourage our Sea Hawks to keep on

  • Self Advocate - If concerns arise during the school year, have them reach out to the proper adult on campus for support. Our counselors, teachers, and staff are here to always help navigate a difficult situation.  Please click to see our RUHS communication protocol 
  • Have A Growth Mindset - Having a growth mindset versus a fixed mindset is so important at any age. Failing is a part of growing and maturity.  Help them be resilient when they experience disappointment and failure. We will continue to message this to our students regularly 
  • Take Risks - Try out for sports teams, join new clubs, get involved in new experiences. These are ways that our students can find their passion. We provide various opportunities to be part of our Sea Hawk community outside of the classroom 
  • Take Initiative - Read our emails/communications, participate in school and district events, attend parent teacher conferences, etc. We strive to have open lines of communication and transparency with our families and students
  • Know Your RUHS Counselor and RUHS Student Resources  – Please click the link for the RUHS counselor webpage

Keep reading for pertinent information to have a successful first month of school!

RUHS Week at a Glance:

Thursday, 8/17 - Periods 0/2/4/6/ Regular Block, 8:30 Start / 3:30 Dismissal

Friday, 8/18 - Periods 0/1/3/5 Regular Block, 8:30 Start / 3:30 Dismissal

Important School News, Resources, & Announcements:

  • RUHS Parent Student Handbook: This can always be found on our RUHS website. When in doubt about Dress Code, Attendance, Behavior/Citizenship Rubric, Electronic Devices and all other related RUHS expectations/protocols, please review on our website
  • Final Schedules & Schedule Changes: While we do our best to ensure functional and accurate schedules for all students, we are human and mistakes are inevitable. Your student received a draft copy of their schedule at registration and will receive a final copy on the first day of school in the small gym, before the start of Period 1
  • Drop-off/Pick-up: Please follow all traffic laws when dropping-off and picking-up students.  This includes stopping at stop signs, not double-parking or parking in red zones, not parking in handicap-labeled spaces unless permitted to do so, and not making illegal U-turns. Please help us by not parking in spots marked for staff. Additionally, students must only cross the street in crosswalks.  Please click here for drop off and pick up zones around RUHS.  Also, please click here for information regarding Beach Cities Transit.  Thank you for helping to keep ALL of our students safe!
  • Bike Safety: We welcome students to ride their bike or scooter to school!  However, they must wear a helmet and abide by all traffic laws.  This is not just a school rule, it is the law.   Also, they cannot ride on campus, just to and from campus. Once they arrive on the sidewalks outside of school, bikes and scooters must be walked. Finally, they need to bring a proper lock to secure their bike, etc. in the designated bicycle parking areas on the RUHS campus
  • Technology Support: Our RBUSD IT Department has set up a website of resources to help students and families with any tech related issues. Please visit for tech support. -
  • RBUSD Child Nutrition Updates:  Beginning in the 2022–23 school year, Child Nutrition Services will be participating in California’s Universal Meals Program. The new State Meal Mandate requires public school districts serving students in grades TK–12 to offer two meals free of charge (breakfast and lunch) during each school day to students requesting a meal, regardless of their free or reduced-price meal eligibility. This state meal mandate only applies when students are on campus during in-person learning. Breakfast will continue to be available before school and during the students’ break time. In order to move the lines as quickly as possible, we are asking that you please encourage your students to bring their student IDs with them to scan at the cashier when receiving meals inside the cafeteria or purchasing snack items outside at the snack windows. Even though meals are free for students, the CDE is still requiring that we collect meal applications. We are encouraging families to fill out meal applications for LCFF funding and additional benefits for the household (Pandemic EBT funds, exam and application fee waivers and other discounted costs). Please click here to fill out an application

Last, please view this brief video highlighting our RUHS expectations.  We look forward to a great school year and look forward to seeing you at many of our upcoming events!

Go Sea Hawks!

Anthony Bridi

RUHS Principal

Contact Info

Redondo Union HS
One Sea Hawk Way

Redondo Beach, CA 90277

[email protected]

(310) 798-8665 x 4001