Big gym hallway

Weight Room

Coaches' office

Weight Room

Weight Room

Basketball court


Golf practice

Football -other view

Field House


Sea Hawk Bowl at Night


Small Gym-outside

Pool sidewalk


Bleachers- side view

Football field-side view

Locker room

Football field-corner view

Field House


Battling cage

Sea Hawk sign

Visual Arts » Visual Arts

Visual Arts

What is Visual Arts?

The visual art courses at Redondo Union High School are comprehensive sequential programs that follow the California Visual Arts Content Standards.  The primary emphasis of the beginning art courses is the exploration of the elements of art and the principles of design.  In addition to acquiring these basic ingredients, compositional theory, art history, exploratory avenues of media and tools, and strengthening of skills is initiated. 

Subsequent courses reinforce what is previously learned, strengthening and challenging students to achieve an advanced level of achievement within the discipline of visual arts.  


Linear Perspective and Surrealism Art 1

For more information about our Visual Arts Classes, please click below:

Rotary Art Contest Winners

Congratulations to the Rotary Art Contest Winners! 

1st Place- Farzeen Alam (11th grade)

2nd Place- Isabel Barrett (12th Grade)

3rd Place- Namie Fotion (11th Grade)