Football field-side view

Basketball court


Bleachers- side view

Weight Room


Battling cage

Sea Hawk sign

Locker room


Pool sidewalk

Golf practice

Big gym hallway

Sea Hawk Bowl at Night

Coaches' office


Field House

Weight Room

Field House

Football field-corner view

Small Gym-outside

Weight Room


Football -other view

Message from RUHS to Students and Families

May 13, 2019

Dear RUHS Students & Families:

We have 26 days left in the 18-19 school year.

Since we began classes back in August, there have been so many outstanding academic and extracurricular accomplishments at RUHS. Let’s keep this positive momentum going!

As we wind down the school year, please be mindful of finishing strong so we can all enjoy a well deserved end of the school year and beginning of summer.

Sea Hawks, here are some helpful reminders as we move towards Wednesday, June 19th (last day of school):

  • Please be sure to arrive to school on time and every day. Being in class for instruction and assessments makes all the difference
  • Please be sure to check the Infinite Campus Portal for grades, missing assignments, and other important information. Be sure to self-advocate by contacting your teachers & counselors   
  • Please be mindful of what you bring to school. A list of prohibited items can be found in our Parent-Student Handbook. We simply ask that students use common sense
  • Please be careful when you use social media. As always, think before you post. There are plenty of upcoming events that we can celebrate together with positive posts and messages
  • Please contribute to a positive classroom environment by participating in learning activities and demonstrating your knowledge & skills
  • Please be respectful of our amazing classrooms, facilities, and overall campus. This is a beautiful school that we should all continue to be proud of
  • Please treat all stakeholders (students, families, teachers, staff, guests, and community members) with respect, empathy, and positivity

We look forward to supporting all members of our teaching & learning community as we finish strong!

With gratitude,

RUHS Faculty & Staff