RUHS: Vaping Information (Our Collective Efforts, Consequences, and Suggestions)

Dear RUHS Students & Families:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

As vaping continues to be a nationwide health epidemic (please read below), we ask for your support in preventing, at minimum, the possession and use of vape products at RUHS (as well as other banned substances). Our most important goal at Redondo Union is a safe, healthy, inclusive, and trusting environment. Please join us in this collective effort.

Our entire staff and the vast majority of our students understand school is a place for teaching, learning, and, most especially here, an abundance of opportunities. Rather than engaging in the toxicity of drugs, alcohol, and vaping, our students have the chance to be involved in a variety of positive experiences. Everything from academics, music, art, theater, technology, ROTC, athletics, school spirit, clubs, and the list goes on. As we often say, “There is something for everyone.” Please continue to seek out opportunities to be connected to healthy and happy programs, students, and staff members. Research continues to prove that engaged students and caring adults make all the difference. 

In addition to the above, we remind students of our continuous vigilance throughout the school day. Whether it’s our staff members checking restrooms (and other parts of campus) on a regular basis or using our 100+ security cameras to help prevent and document inappropriate conduct, we continue to enforce school rules on a daily basis.

With regards to consequences, students are assigned to Saturday School and/or suspension based on the quantity of THC and if previous infractions have occurred. Furthermore, RBPD is citing students for possession/use of THC. The citation can lead to a fine, as well as court-directed drug education. The sale of drugs will lead to arrest and expulsion.

In concert with the school and legal consequences, RUHS provides counseling for students who may be challenged by vaping and/or other substances. Students who have been caught in the possession of vape products or other banned substances, have the opportunity to attend once a week counseling session known as Power of Choice. We are very fortunate to have strong partnerships with Thelma McMillen and Beach Cities Health District. Our school counselors also follow up with students, after disciplinary consequences, for additional support and guidance.

With all of this being said, this cannot solely be a school effort. Pushing vaping products, drugs, and alcohol off of our campus must be a community effort. We need all students and families to do the following:


  1. Understand that school is like a job. Vape products, drugs, and alcohol are not accepted in places of work, nor are they in places of learning. Students and families who understand this expectation are much more likely to be happier, healthier, and more successful
  2. Educate yourselves around the topics of vaping and substance abuse. Engage in collaborative, trusting, and open conversations. Parents and guardians, you must take the lead. Please begin or continue these discussions today
  3. Be aware of your social groups and peer relationships (adults and teenagers). Human nature seeks the path of least resistance. Where are the toxic and destructive gatherings taking place? What influences do they have?
  4. Get and stay involved in the aforementioned positive activities on campus. There are so many constructive outlets at RUHS and, therefore, no reason to seek out negative behaviors 
  5. Report students who may be engaging in vaping or other illegal actions. Please contact an administrator, any staff member, RBPD, and/or use our anonymous reporting tool:
  6. If a disciplinary event does occur, as always, let’s seek out collaboration, rather than confrontation. Help us promote ownership and next steps. Let’s make sure our conversations are solutions-based
  7. Finally, understand that life is a productive struggle. We do not expect perfection from our students, far from it! However, we do expect humility, reflection, communication, and effort. Experience is life’s best teacher




Thank you for your continued support,