RUHS Distance Learning Content Schedule (April 20-June 10):

Dear RUHS Students and Families: 


We hope you continue to stay healthy and happy during our campus closure. We truly miss our daily interactions at school with our students. Please continue to follow the guidelines of local and state officials, as well as medical professionals, in order to keep everyone safe. This must remain priority number one for all of us. Our deep gratitude to all of you on the front lines, whether in health care or other essential workers, you are our heroes.   


We would like to reiterate Dr. Keller’s message about balance. RUHS is an incredibly diverse learning community; as we always say, this is our strength. 


We remain aware of the variety of needs, challenges, and strengths of our students and their home environments. For us, access and equity are non-negotiables. Every RUHS home is unique, and we appreciate that! 


Our teachers are doing their very best to balance rigor, engagement, and support for our students. All while, in many cases, supporting their own school-aged (or younger) children. Thank you for sharing in our sincere appreciation of our educators. 


We are thankful of everyone’s patience and flexibility as we humbly press forward with distance learning. We are also grateful to those students and families who have rightfully provided candid feedback and suggestions. 

Thank you for your understanding as we developed and delivered our grading expectations (please see attached) and our scheduling of content areas (please see below) from Monday, April 20th to the last day of school (Thursday, June 10th). 

We have created an internal system for teachers to connect with students on a regular basis and to avoid content conflicts (ex. a math lesson occurring at the same time as a history presentation). 

Mostly similar to our normal bell schedule, all content areas will be available on Mondays and then we will have a rotation of content areas on T/Th and W/F: 

RUHS Distance Learning Content Schedule (April 20-June 10):   

  • Mondays: All Content Areas-Learning Activities Assigned/Scheduled  
  • Tuesdays/Thursdays: Career Technical Education, English, Math, Visual & Performing Arts 
  • Wednesdays/Fridays: PE/Athletics, Science, Social Studies, World Languages & Cultures

Teachers will continue to inform students as to which learning activities will take place on a weekly basis. As Dr. Keller mentioned, we look forward to increasing our proficiency and capacity with Webex and Google Meet. 

Our teachers and students are clearly appreciative of the opportunity to engage with one another on both academic and social-emotional levels. In other words, we all benefit from the human connection. Please participate when those sessions are scheduled.

Additionally, we ask our students and families to follow the RUHS Communication Protocol (attached). The first step should always begin with student self-advocacy. Please continue to reach out to your teachers and counselors. Honestly, during these times of social distancing and isolation, your messages and inquiries mean even more! 


Furthermore, if you have general questions about specific content areas or programs, please feel free to reach out to the appropriate administrator: 


  • Mr. Jens Brandt (Principal): World Languages & Cultures and Visual & Performing Arts (
  • Mr. Marvin Brown (Assistant Principal): AVID, Career Technical Education, PTSA, and Special Education (
  • Mr. Bill Dargen (Assistant Principal): Math, Science, and Advanced Placement Courses/Exams  (
  • Mr. Bryan Ines (Assistant Principal): Counseling, Cyber High, Physical Education, and ROTC (
  • Ms. Meghan Schooler (Assistant Principal): Athletics, ASB, English, and Social Studies (


We also have our awesome counseling team; all counselors are here to support your child academically, socially, and emotionally. Click here to access the RUHS counseling webpage.  The counseling webpage also provides our counselors’ email contact information.


In addition, we have a phenomenal team of administrative assistants. They are able to help with most, if not all, questions about operational matters (ex. Chromebooks or textbooks). Please reach them at


A few very important points are left: 


  • Our teachers, counselors, and administrators will continue to reach out to students who are not participating in distance learning. Expect emails and phone calls to occur over the coming weeks. Everyone needs to be engaged in learning and positive social connections
  • Further information regarding end of year events and refunds, especially for seniors, will be communicated in the near future. As a staff and school community, we continue to express deep empathy and care for our RUHS Class of 2020. We will make this as right as possible for every single one of you 
  • Please, to the best of your abilities, remain physically and creatively active. Our teachers, coaches, advisors will continue to share opportunities for our students to be healthy and expressive over the coming months 
  • Let’s continue to remind each other we are all in this together. As we like to say around here, “hard on the problem, soft on the people.” We always welcome direct, collaborative phone calls and emails. I have personally enjoyed all of my interactions over the past few weeks and I look forward to future productive conversations 


Thank you, everyone, for your continuing positivity, support, and patience. We remain so appreciative of our outstanding and caring Redondo community.


Stay well, all. 


Mr. Jens Brandt

RUHS Principal