Weight Room

Football -other view


Battling cage

Football field-corner view

Small Gym-outside

Pool sidewalk

Bleachers- side view


Locker room

Coaches' office

Field House

Field House



Weight Room

Golf practice

Weight Room

Sea Hawk sign

Big gym hallway

Basketball court



Football field-side view

Sea Hawk Bowl at Night


We recognize that creating a safe learning environment is a critical part of helping every student achieve academic success. Sprigeo is an online system that you, the students, can use to report bullying incidents and school safety threats. All information sent through the Sprigeo system goes directly to school administrators through a secure online connection.  Sprigeo empowers all students – the bystanders and the targets – by providing a simple and anonymous way to report bullying and other safety incidents. 

Here are some examples of reportable incidents/issues:

  • A student is in possession of drugs/alcohol on campus
  • A student is buying/selling drugs on campus
  • A student has threatened another student with violence/injury
  • A student has caused damage to school property
  • A student has stolen school or student property
  • A student has engaged in bullying/harassment online or in person

Go to www.sprigeo.com for more information or to report online.

Finally, we appreciate our students who use Sprigeo appropriately and responsibly!