Football -other view

Weight Room

Pool sidewalk

Basketball court

Locker room

Weight Room


Battling cage

Small Gym-outside

Field House



Bleachers- side view

Big gym hallway

Football field-side view

Field House

Golf practice


Sea Hawk Bowl at Night

Football field-corner view


Sea Hawk sign


Weight Room

Coaches' office

Great Job Academic Decathlon!

The Academic Decathlon has been representing in Sacramento as well! Our state competition is complete, and our team has placed 13th in the most competitive state in the country! Our senior decathletes have brought home medals in the following categories:

Zoe Watkins: Bronze in Art!

Adam Munoz: Bronze in Economics!

Captain Siobhan Killackey: Bronze in Literature, Silver in Social Science, and Gold in Music! 

And Who is our highest scoring decathlete on the team?

Why, it is MAX BLACKā€”our youngest member, a sophomore extraordinaire!