Football field-side view


Pool sidewalk

Weight Room


Golf practice

Football field-corner view

Weight Room

Small Gym-outside

Locker room


Big gym hallway

Coaches' office

Battling cage

Field House


Weight Room

Bleachers- side view

Football -other view


Basketball court

Sea Hawk sign

Sea Hawk Bowl at Night

Field House


RUHS Sea Hawks and Families


Good Afternoon RUHS Sea Hawks & Families,

We hope that this email finds you enjoying the start to a successful and enjoyable school year. 

This is a friendly reminder that vape devices and paraphernalia are never permitted on campus.  Vaping on campus or being in possession of e-cigarettes – whether it contains nicotine, THC, or neither – will result in an automatic suspension. 

We also invite students and families to read the following article about the risks and impact from vaping.  There are many misconceptions about the perceived safety of vaping in comparison to cigarettes, and this article examines some of the recent research specifically about teenagers and e-cigarettes.

In addition, we want to encourage all students to engage in positive social media activity only.  Remember that your digital activity is permanent and can often be accessed by others long after you think it has been deleted or removed.  Redondo Union has a zero tolerance policy toward bullying and harassment, and this includes cyber bullying and cyber harassment.  Activity online that negatively impacts another RUHS student will result in school consequences, including possible suspensions.

Check out the following link for more information about how social media is now being used by some colleges in the application and admission process:

Sea Hawks, we sincerely hope that this year can be successful for all, and we hope that you do your part by coming to school ready to learn and by interacting with others respectfully at all times.


Thank you,

RUHS Admin Team