Message from Administration regarding Vaping and E-Cigarettes

Dear RUHS Students & Families:


As vaping and e-cigarettes continue to grow in popularity, we have unfortunately seen an increase of use by teenagers. Therefore, we appreciate your assistance in proactive communication and next steps. This must be a team effort between student-school-home.  


First, we are constantly reminding students that e-cigarettes and vaping devices are strictly forbidden at RUHS. Use and/or possession of these devices will result in disciplinary consequences (suspension and/or expulsion) and possible RBPD involvement. We have also significantly increased our supervision of restrooms and teachers are closely monitoring student behavior throughout the school day.


Second, and most importantly, please discuss the harmful impact of these devices and drugs upon physical, emotional, and mental health.


We recommend visiting: (an excellent and comprehensive resource)


Third, please ask your son or daughter to reflect upon his/her peer group with regard to decisions around the presence and use of drugs and/or alcohol. A teenager’s peer group/social circle is an incredibly important factor in his/her academic, social-emotional, and physical development. Please continue to communicate the importance of being involved in positive and healthy activities both on and off campus.


Preventing teenage drug and alcohol abuse is a collective effort between our students, our families, and RUHS. We sincerely appreciate your support and actions.


Thank you,


RUHS Administration