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Field House

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RUHS Campus Safety-A Collective Effort


Dear RUHS Community,

In light of yet another painful event in our country, we must once again revisit our most important responsibility at RUHS; the safety of our students, teachers, and staff. While the necessary discussions continue across our nation on how to prevent mass shootings, we will continue to engage in policies and practices that encourage and maintain schoolwide safety for all.

Safety at RUHS is a collective responsibility that all of us (students, teachers, staff, and families) must continue to embrace. We sincerely appreciate your partnership in creating a safe teaching, learning, and working environment for everyone.

With all of this in mind, here are some important reminders for our entire RUHS community:

•    RUHS is a closed campus during the school day. All entrances are staffed throughout the day. All visitors must check in at the front office. IDs are scanned to ensure safety for all

•    RUHS and RBUSD continue to work closely with RBPD to promote and maintain campus safety. Thank you for your support with our RUN-HIDE-FIGHT procedures (please see attached). Continue to review this document on a regular basis. In addition, RBPD will continue their vigilance on our campus via our School Resource Officers. Furthermore, as mentioned in our RUHS Back to School Letter, we now have an office, on campus, for our RBPD School Resource Officers

•    RUHS is an inclusive campus. Let’s continue to advocate for welcoming students of all backgrounds and opinions to the table. If you see a student who may appear disconnected, please reach out to him or her. Or, at the very least, inform a teacher, counselor, or staff member. A very important reminder for everyone…students, teachers, staff, and family members of all backgrounds and experiences are both welcomed and supported at RUHS; this means all genders, races, ethnicities, national origins, cultures, languages, sexual identities, and religions

•    Please continue to be vigilant with regards to social media. RUHS, RBUSD, and RBPD have zero tolerance for threats of violence. Furthermore, statements and photos that are made to simply provoke will be treated just as seriously. In other words, violence is not a joking matter. Threats to campus will result in suspension and/or expulsion, as well as possible arrest by RBPD. Please report possible schoolwide threats to administration or anonymously via as they will be investigated immediately

•    Continue to consider the social and emotional impact of gun violence on our youth. Please engage in supportive and productive conversations as often as possible. Additionally, please do not hesitate to contact our counseling team for further assistance and resources (please visit

•    Finally, let’s continue to model and promote the importance of being an informed and active citizen to our young people. Our community has a variety of opinions on various topics, so let’s continue to share those with our elected officials at

Thank you for your support as we constantly work to ensure RUHS is safe for all. As mentioned, this is a collective effort by all students, teachers, staff, and family members. When it comes to schoolwide safety, always err on the side of caution. Finally, please be sure to share your concerns, questions, and/or suggestions with us at your convenience.

With gratitude,

RUHS Faculty & Staff