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Sea Hawk Bowl at Night


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Locker room

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Field House

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Weight Room


Weight Room


Matt Ballard » Coach Matt Ballard

Coach Matt Ballard


Head Football Coach/ PE Instructor/ Work Experience

Graduate from Half Moon Bay High School in Northern California. 

After leaving Half Moon Bay I attended University of California Davis where I earned a degree in History and played 4 years for the Aggies as a D- Tackle.  I earned two varsity letters at Davis, was a senior on the 1996 West Region Championship team, and coached one year there while earning my teaching credential at Chapman University.


Recent Posts

Signing up for Work Experience Class

If you are interested in signing up for 2nd semester Work Experience Class, follow instructions below:

1. First... you must currently have a job, and be paid legally.  i.e., not "under the table", or as an independent contractor.

2. print out 3 forms, or get copies from you councilor.  Link to my web page below. (WEE expectations packet, Education Training Agreement, and Spring Record Form) 

https://redondounion.edlioschool.com/apps/pages/index.jsp?uREC_ID=898729&type=u&pREC_ID=1361508WEE Forms Link

3. Make a copy of your most recent pay stub.  (shows hours, wage, deductions, etc.)  Your employer must provide by law.

3. See Mr. Ballard at his office hours with completed and signed forms, and your pay stub copy.

Ballard’s Office Hours: Mon, Wed & Fri @ snack

Location: Boys PE Office, Big Gym

On Campus PE Make Up 1/9 @ lunch

PE make up on the track on Wednesday, Jan 9th at lunch.

Join Freshmen PE Google Classroom

All freshmen, regardless of teacher, should join our Google classroom.
Class code: zva8b1n

PE Make Up Schedule: 1st Semester 2018/19

1st Semester On-Campus PE Make Up Schedule is finalized and posted. 
Reminders: Fitness Runs can only be made up at these On Campus Make Ups, not take home or sporting event.  Also, all make ups should be done within 2 weeks of returning to activity. 
It's the students responsibility to get their make ups completed prior to any grading periods.

Work Experience Office Hours

Interested WEE Students,

If you are interested in enrolling in Work Experience this semester, below are the dates/times I will be available over the next few weeks to receive and review paperwork.  Note: I will return to normal office hours (Mon, Wed, & Fri) at snack on 9/17.

You MUST meet with me in person, and must have all signed forms to be enrolled in the course.

  • Tues, 8/28: 11am-11:30am
  • 8/30: snack, 9:45am-10am
  • 9/4: snack, 9:45am-10am
  • 9/11: snack, 9:45am-10am
  • 9/13: snack, 9:45am-10am

Location: Boys PE Office, Big Gym

All forms required to sign up for Work Experience (WEE); on my web page too.  Bring forms and your most recent pay stub.  You must currently have a job to enroll too

 Forms Link

PE On Campus Make Ups

We will have our first PE On Campus Make Up:
Wed. Sept. 26 at 3:15 at the track, in PE uniform