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ASB Members

ASB President  Hannah Hiken

How do you do? I present myself as Hannah Hiken the ASB President. I do hereby pledge myself faithfully to discharge the duties as ASB President and to uphold the constitution of Redondo Union High School Associated Student Body. I work at Seal Level Restaurant in addition to attending my studies, and in my time of the spare I relish in taking a brisk doze if time allows and strolling on the beach. Sko Hawks!

ASB Vice President Luke Takashima

Salutations Seahawks, Tis’ I, Luke Takashima.  I serve our school as the Associated Student Body’s Vice-President. In my free time, I enjoy the fine sport of polo, badminton, chess, and tea. Let us celebrate our schools mascot, the sea hawk. Sko Hawks. 

ASB Secretary/ Treasurer Natalie Coan

Good morrow. Thou art Coan, Natalie and I comply to President Hiken as the ASB Secretary/Treasurer. My position requires that I monitor the purchase orders and checks that go through the prodigious Redondo Union campus. I relish reciting chants at croquet matches and spirit celebrations; moreover, my free time encompasses consuming cream in the iced form and viewing favored Marvel cinemas. Fare-thee-well, it is time for I to go into slumber. Sko Hawks.

School Relations Lauren Krause and Dayton Bottom

Lauren Krause: 

Hey, Seahawks! My name is Lauren Krause and I am one of your 2019 Commissioners of School Relations. I am stoked to collaborate with my co-commissioner, Dayton, to ensure the success of a variety of school events: homecoming halftime, blood drives, battle of the bands, etc. As a senior, I am excited to make my last year at RUHS memorable and fun! Some of my favorite things include country music, dogs, basketball and sparkling water. See ya’ll around!


Dayton Bottom:

Good day! My name is Dayton Bottom and I am the School Relations commissioner at Redondo Union along with my CO Lauren Krause. My events including planning the blood, Homecoming halftime, and battle of the bands. On my free time, I like to play golf, hang out with my friends and study.



Senior Class President Hannah Nemeth

What’s up Sea Hawks! My name is Hannah Nemeth, and this is my FOURTH year in ASB here at Redondo! My past jobs have included Freshman Treasurer, Fundraising, and Activities, but this year I’m Senior Class President. I’m super excited for a full year of planning all the Class of 2020’s events and working with my AMAZING cabinet. Outside of ASB, I’m the Co-President on Teen Court and on the Mock Trial team. Say hi if you see me around!

Senior Class Vice President Diego Sanchez
Sup SeaHawks!! My name is Diego Sanchez, your senior vice president (‘20)! It is my second year in ASB and I am so hyped to work with Beverly again for a second year and with THE Hannah Nemeth!! In my free time I enjoy watching hockey and moshing.
Senior Class Secretary/ Treasure Beverly Hastings

Buongiorno Sea Hawkies! My name is Beverly Hastings and I am ‘20’s Secretary/Treasurer (weewoowee)! I am so excited to be yet again apart of ASB and help plan amazing senior activities and events! In my free time, I enjoy trying new foods, dancing with friends, and exploring the beauuuuutiful world around me. Let’s make this a great year!

Junior Class President Max Imberechts 
Hi, My name is Max Imberechts and I am your Junior Class President for the 2019-2020 school year. At Redondo, I am also on the Varsity Boys Volleyball team and a member of Link Crew. In my scarce free time, I enjoy going to the beach to play spikeball and volleyball with my friends. Feel free to say hi to me if you see me running around campus. Kennedy is pretty cool and catch you later Sea Hawks!!
Junior Class Vice President Kennedy East 
Hi I’m Kennedy East and you’re reading the ASB website. I play water polo and am involved in various clubs on campus, including bio med, UNICEF, and Junior Class Council. I’m extremely happy to be a SEAHAWWWWWK and apart of the best class: Obviously 2021. I guess you could say the Junior President is a pretty cool cat.
Junior Class Secretary Ella Fukushima
Heyy Seahawks!! My name is Ella Fukushima and I’m your Junior Class Secretary/Treasurer. I oversee the funds for the amazing class of ‘21!! Outside of school, I dance 24/7 with my girl, Katy Clout. If not, I’m  hanging out with friends or chilling at the beach. You’ll probably catch me dancing around or laying in the splits, but say hi ‘cause I love meeting new people and making more friends! I can’t wait for another wonderful year! GO TWO-ONE!!
Sophomore Class President Miguel Mier
Howdy y’all my name is Miguel Mier and I’m your Sophomore Class President. Famous poet Lonzo Ball once said, “Triple B’s I’m the man, I’m leveled up, I’m Super Saiyan. They said I can't but I can. Triple B’s that’s the plan.” This quote inspires me everyday to be as hardworking as Lavar Ball and Lonzo Ball. I like KAKE. MARLES FOREVE
Sophomore Class Vice President Sophia Oswald 
Whats up class of 22!! My name is Sophia Oswald and I am your sophmore Vp along side your sophomore president The Squinty Eyed Bandit. When I ́m not working in ASB I spend most of my time playing soccer and hanging with friends. This year I look forward to creating more spirit around campus and continue to raise funds for our class. I am so ready to see everything we accomplish this year!!
Sophomore Class Secretary/ Treasure Lena Campbell 

Hi I’m Lena Campbell and I’m your sophomore secretary/treasurer. In my free time I like to hang out with my friends and go to the beach. I’m also on the Redondo cheer team. I’m very excited to be a part of ASB this year!

Freshman Class President Hudson Tingley

YO YO CLASS OF ‘23!! My name is Hudson Tingley, and I am this year's freshman class president. I’m super stoked to be able to represent the class of ‘23. As president, I help come up with new fundraisers, promote school wide spirit, and try to (us the class of 2023) beat new records with raising money. Being able to have the opportunity to represent and improve our school is so important to me, and I will promise to do my very best! As the school year goes on, I hope to do a better job, and to improve my skill set. Thank you, and lets unleash the beast ‘23!!!!

Freshman Class Vice President Reece Cartee

Yo Seahawks! My name is Reece Cartee and I’m ASBs freshman class vice president! Can I get a ‘23?! In ASB, I work with the president to organize and plan fundraisers that benefit our freshmen class as a whole! When I’m not helping out with an event or dressing up on spirit days, I like to be creative. Whether that be painting, acting, writing or drawing, I love it all! I love to have fun and hope I can help make our students have a great experience here at RUHS! Catch you guys on the flippity flop

Freshman Class Secretary Charles Steerman
What’s up Seahawks!  My name is Charles Steerman and I am proud to be your Freshman Class Secretary. My job is to take note of our class council meetings and help the rest of the freshman class with fundraisers and events. I enjoy leadership, and outside of school, I am also passionate about beach volleyball. Feel free to say hi to me around campus. See you all around! Oh yeah, one last thing I’m proud to be class of ‘23! Check out Squinty Eyed Bandit on Apple Music.
Freshman Class Treasurer Trey Guzman
I am the Freshman Treasurer of 2019 in my cabinet. Part of my essential duties includes running receipts to the finance office and collecting funds as part of harvesting money during events. I also assist in large-scale fundraisers and am available in my cabinet when needed. 💪😂😂💪👌
Freshman Class General Member Sammie Hall

Hey, Seahawks! My name is Sammie Hall and I’m proud to be a part of ASB this year. My main job is to assist the Freshman Cabinet or anyone else that needs help. Outside of school, I swim competitively for Beach Cities Swimming! If you ever need anything, I’m happy to help! Looking forward to a great year! 

Check out my dude Squinty Eyed Bandit on Soundcloud, Spotify, and Apple Music.  :)

Freshman Class General Member Bella Hubble

Hi y’all, my name is Bella Hubble and I am a general member of the ASB’s Freshmen Cabinet. Being a general member, I help out all my fellow classmates with whatever task is at hand. Coming from southern Illinois near St.Louis, where there are only cornfields, makes living next to the beach a very different, but exciting experience. Outside of school, I love playing soccer and listening to music. Currently I am on LA Galaxy’s DPL team. When I am not playing soccer or listening to music, I’m either doing homework or watching hockey or soccer with my dad. Overall, I’m excited for what’s to come for the rest of the year. LET’S GO ‘23!

Freshman Class General Member Brooke Pollock  

What’s up RUHS! My name is Brooke Pollock and I am part of the Freshman Cabinet in ASB. Honestly, I'm only here for the free food...Jk jk jk that’s not true 😂 Anyway, I work with the Freshman Cabinet to help plan events, raise money, and get every Sea Hawk hyped about our school! In my free time, I enjoy playing guitar, painting and sketching, and filming/editing videos. I’m also a part of the Friendship Foundation so if any of y’all are interested in planning events like the Pier to Pier walk, hit me up! I’m glad to be a park of the RUHS ASB family and I’m sure we’re going to make this year better than ever! Ok, I’m tired so I’m going to sleep now ok bye :)

Commissioners of Spirit Chiara Lagumina, Owen Haddad, Katy Cloutier


WHATS UPPPP SEA HAWKKSS!! Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year! I can’t wait to plan awesome events for the student body with my fabulous co’s, Owen and Katy. School spirit is something everyone should participate in to get the full highschool experience and hopefully we can deliver that this year for the student body. Besides my job in ASB I also take care of this amazing girl named Talia who is autistic. Though in my free time I love photography, playing with my dog, and hanging out with friends. Let’s have an amazing year and GO 2-0! #seniorszn

Owen: Knock Knock! Who’s there? It’s Owen Haddad from ASB. This year I’m super excited to be on Spirit with Katy and Chiara. We’ll be planning some super fun lunch events including spirit battles, and First Friday’s! I’m also in Drama so you can catch me both on stage and backstage during theatre performances. I’m also the president of Comedysportz here on campus so make sure to come and support all our home matches this year! I can’t wait to make my second year in RUHS ASB the best it can be!! 


Whoat is up guys!! I’m Katy Cloutier and I’m a part of Spirit this year in ASB along with my extraordinary co’s Owen and Chiara!! Here at Redondo I'm a sophomore, a part of the drama department, always showing off my ASB spirit/swag, and have 7 classes (shout-out to my zero period gang)! Outside of school I dance 24/7 with my girl Ella Fuk, but in my rare free time I enjoy shopping, hanging out with friends, watching Netflix, and screaming the lyrics to music wherever I go! If you ever see me around feel free to say howdy! Let’s go 22!!

Commissioners of Activities Sarah Flannery & PJ Scotting


What’s up Seahawks??? I’m Sarah. When I’m not stressing over the rally with PJ, I keep busy by being the President of Key Club, going to Club ^3, hanging out with my dog, and moshing. I love hearing about other peoples’ problems and listening to murder podcasts because I’m super afraid of being murdered. I’m a senior so that means I’ve got one foot in the future and one foot in the past, and you know what that means


PJ Scotting: 

Whoa is up guys?! I’m PJ Scotting and I’m a sophomore this year in ASB!! I’m so excited to be part of Activities, working on the rallies with my awesome co Sarah! Outside of ASB I love playing spike ball, making crepes, and watching The Office! I play club soccer, but also ref U10 AYSO and coach toddlers! I can’t wait to show off my school spirit this year, go 22!!!

Commissioners of Entertainment Sydney Palaroan and Alex Hamilton

Sydney: Hola amigos! My name is Sydney and I am the Entertainment Commissioner with my fav Alex. We are in charge of planning this year’s prom, which by the way is going to be amazingly great. It's probably going to be the best ever, I’m not even going to lie about it. It is my first year in ASB, so I’m super excited to so involved this year! I am also in Link Crew, but that’s about it because it is only my second year here at Redondo. Outside of school, I love playing with my cat, walking to the beach to watch the sunset, and hanging out with friends. If you happen to see me around school feel free to say hi, but I am short in a crowd of so many tall people. GO ‘21!!!


Alex: Gooooood Morning SeaHawks!! My name is Alex Hamilton and I am so excited for this to be my second year in ASB. This year my fav girl, Sydney and I are Co-Entertainment which means that we are in charge of this year’s PROM!!!!! Outside of ASB, I am on the varsity softball and play travel softball as well. When I get the chance, I love hanging out with my friends and watching the sunset on the beach. You probably will see me running around campus super stressed out but don’t be afraid to say hello. LETS GOOO 21!!

Commissioners of Awareness Caleb Domael and Megan Ngo

Megan: Hey y’all!!! My name is Megan Ngo and I’m a senior at RUHS. In ASB my Co, Caleb and I are in charge of Student Recognition and Awareness. Outside of ASB, I am a part of the girl's varsity basketball team AND Link Crew. In my free time, I enjoy coaching,  and spending time with my friends and family!!

Caleb: SUP SEAHAWKS, My name is Caleb Domael and I am currently a sophomore TWO - TWO. My Co Megan and I are in charge of Student Recognition and Awareness. Basically, we plan an event every month that help students get connected with the school culture. On campus I’m part of the RUHS Cheer team. Outside of ASB, my life consists of school, eating, watching netflix, and sleeping. Also, an occassional shopping spree where I spend a stupid amount of money. I can’t wait to have an amazing year SEAHAWKS!

Commissioners of Athletics Bryan Kaplan and Sarah Munn 


Howdy, Seahawks! The name’s Bryan Kaplan, and I am one of the two Athletic Commissioners at Redondo Union (looking at you Sarah)! I am hyped to be able to plan lunchtime sporting events (PowderPuff, 7 on 7, March Madness, etc.) that everyone on campus can be involved in. Outside of the ASB realm, I’m apart of the varsity football program on campus, as well as Link Crew. In my free time, you can catch me working on one of my books or hanging out with some of my close friends around the beach towns. I’m stoked to be apart of ASB for my junior year, and am ready to see how the class of 2021 dominates!

Sarah: Hey Seahawks! I’m Sarah Munn and i’m in charge of co-athletics this year and Bryan (my co) and I are so excited to bring you guys some fun events at lunch as well at Senior Rec Night!!! I LOVE to play volleyball, I play for Redondo as well as my club Surfside. In my free time I love to hang out with my friends almost every weekend. The beach is my favorite place ever and going there to study is my favorite thing to do. You can always find me around school and are always welcome to say wassup. GO SOPHMORES!!!

Commissioners of Club Facilitator Landon Treglia and Kiera Patterson

Kiera: Top of the mornin’ Seahawks! My name is Kiera Patterson and I am ecstatic to be working alongside my amazing co Landon to oversee and manage the clubs here at Redondo! Along with ASB I am a sports editor for our school newspaper the High Tide and the co-president of Powerful Potluck Party with my girl Lil Waz (Vanessa). Outside of school you can find me working out, finding a new vegan spot to eat at, or hanging out with my friends! If you ever see me around school don’t be afraid to drop the peace sign! Lastly, I can’t wait for an amazing year and GO 21!!!!

Landon: What’s goin’ on? I see you’ve stumbled upon me, Landon Treglia, and you’re probably wondering, “what is this guy’s story?” and “why is he so darn cute?” To answer that I say, I am a hard working student, who is immensely excited to be working alongside my wonderful co, Kiera. When I am not doing school work or something for ASB, you will most likely find me at the beach, surfing, hanging with friends, or all three at the same time. And for the cute thing, I guess I’m just born with, it’s a curse.

Commissioners of Publicity Nicolette Murray  and Carly Carter

Carly: HEY SEAHAWKS! My name is Carly Carter and I’m a sophomore this year. I’m so excited to be partnering with my amazing co, Nicolette, bringing you some of the amazing signs you see around campus and at events! Outside of school you can find me dancing, texting my french pen pal, shopping with friends, sharing my scoliosis story, singing in my church’s worship team, fantasizing about future vacations, and eating at my favorite restaurant - Slider Stop. If you know me, you know that burgers hold the key to my heart! Make sure to say hi when you see me on campus, and if you want to go get the best burgers in Redondo - you know who to call ;) Have a great year and let’s go 22!! 

Nicolette: HEYYYYYY SEAHAWKS!!! I hope your morning/afternoon/evening/ 3am study grind is going swell!! My name’s  Nicolette and I, alongside my absolutely magnificent co, Carly, can’t wait to keep you updated on all the latest events and activities redondo has to offer! A few of my interests include making art, taking photos, and playing golf. If there is one thing you should know about me is that I absolutely LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE dogs.


Commissioners of Publicity Outreach Logan Wickman & Vanessa Wasden

Logan: Hey howdy hey! It’s ya gorl Logan, comin’ at you! I’m a sophomore this year and I work with my awesome co, Vanessa for all the social media for ASB! We post flyers and take pictures at events to share with the school! Make sure to follow @sammyseahawk and @flockszn! When I’m not posting or making flyers, I’m hangin out with all my theatre peeps <3, being director of publicity for my community service organization Sandpiper Jrs., eating Asian food, or of course, studying for AP Euro. Let’s make this year amazing Seahawks!! Let’s go #2022CREW.


Vanessa Wasden:

BBBBBBBBUENOS DIAS seahAAAAWKS! What’s up I am Vanessa and I am BEYOND excited to be working with my outstanding co, Logan this year. We both look forward to making the instagram accounts something entertaining as long as a reliable source to find your information. If you didn’t see what we had to say on the posts don’t you worry you can tune in to the mid morning announcements where I will be giving you all the info you need. Along with being in ASB I also participate in Cheer, hangout with friends and run the Powerful Potluck Party with Kiera. Make sure to say wassuuuup if you see me around campus, keep on soaring seahawks #22!

Commissioners of Fundraising Jenna Barsuk and Fernando Sanchez 

Jenna: Helloooo Sea Hawks!! My name is Jenna Barsuk and I am this year’s Commissioner of Fundraising. I’m so excited to be apart of ASB as this will be my first and last year!! Better late than never, am I right :) I will be putting on numerous fundraising events throughout the year along with Winter Formal with my Co, Fernando. Outside of school, I am a working queen to help support my shopping addiction or hanging out with friends. I can’t wait to make this year the best one yet!! 


Fernando: What is up Sea Hawks! My name is Fernando Sanchez and I am one of this year’s Fundraising Commissioners. After a stumbling 4 years I have made it to  my senior year. Feeling very accomplished. I will be putting various events throughout the year alongside with my partner in crime, Jenna. Outside of school I like hanging out with friends and blasting music in my room. So excited for this 2019-2020 school year. Let's make this one the best year yet

ASB Techager Hunter Shank

Hey Seahawks! My name is Hunter Shank and I am this year’s ASB Techager (Technology/Manager). I have a few jobs this year in ASB, but most importantly, I handle the music for our events, and I also order and maintain our supplies. Outside of ASB, you’ll see me on the lacrosse field, or probably talking to someone about last nights hockey games. Lets go ‘22!!!!

School Board Representative Sergio Godinez  

 ¿Que pasa Sea Hawks? My name is a Sergio Godínez and I’m proud to continue my role of Student School Board Member for a second year. As a voting member of the school board it is my job to represent all 10,000 kids in the district. I’m a senior this year and have been in ASB for my entire 4 years here at Redondo. You can always find me turning looks daily or in the Flock and every sporting event. My favorite DIsney channel original movies are Lemonade Mouth and Camp Rock 2. Feel free to strike up a conversation, I’m not one of those scary seniors. ¡Nos vemos Sea Hawks!