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ASB Members

ASB President Tim Ludwig 
ASB Vice President Malgy Blue
My name is Malgy Blue and I serve as the ASB Vice President. As Vice President I manage a committee of ASB Commissioners, consisting of spirit, publicity outreach and many other positions. In addition, I help the president out in any way I can!
ASB Secretary/ Treasurer Akio Goto 

Hello Everyone, my name is Akio Goto. My position this year is ASB Secretary-Treasurer, and I will be approving all of the orders and checks our school will be spending money on. Outside of ASB I enjoy hanging out with friends, am in salsa, and love listening to music. I am so excited for this school year, and please don’t hesitate to ask me anything about ASB or the school!

School Relations Terri Yo and Aaron Gutierrez

Hey, Sea Hawks! My name is Terri and I am the Co-Commissioners of School Relations with Aaron this year. I am very excited to plan the Homecoming Halftime Parade, blood drives, Battle of the Bands, and elections. When I’m not in school, I enjoy browsing the web for new music to check out and playing my guitar. I love to meet new people and I feel like being in Hip Hop Club this year would help a lot! Senior year is going to be busy, but I definitely feel like it’s going to be the best! Good luck in school and GO BIG RED!


Hi! My name’s Aaron Gutierrez, and I’m going to help run this year's blood drive and homecoming halftime parade (alongside my amazing co, Terri)! I love organizing events and brainstorming new ways to make our events even better than previous years, and because of this, I am so excited to see what I am able to do with the blood drive and halftime parade! Outside of my ASB position, you will most definitely find me jamming out to T-Swizzle or just having a good time with my friends! I am so excited and thankful to have such an important role in planning this year’s blood drive and halftime parade and can’t wait to see how they turn out! GO BIG RED!

Senior Class President Skylar Romero
Whaddup sea hawks my name’s Skylar Romero and I’m Senior Class President this year. I’m also a cheer captain and I’ve been a cheerleader throughout all of high school. I work at El Gringo and I love cute puppies. I love a good nap and can’t wait to go to college. Never take AP Calc unless you want to get 0 sleep. Big Dawgs all the way til we die. Peace.
Senior Class Vice President Grace Yagi 
Hey Seahawks, it's Grace and I'm so happy to be Senior Class Vice President this year. Have a great year and stay spirited. 
Senior Class Secretary/ Treasure Hannah Hastings 
Hey Seahawks! My name is Hannah Hastings and I am your senior class secretary/treasurer! I am in charge of planning and budgeting for all of our senior events. Outside of school I love to go to the beach, hang out with friends and family, read, and travel! I am going into my senior year at RUHS (‘19!!) and cannot wait to make it the best ever! Lost of love and keep soaring seahawks!
Junior Class President Hannah Hiken 
Heyo what's good. Just a lil something about myself: my name is Hannah Hiken and I am the Junior Class President. My job as president is to oversee junior fundraising for our senior events(so help us raise money please)! It's the junior year so I expect us all to step it up with the spirit and get involved around campus. Stay groovy $eahawks. 
Junior Class Vice President Chiara LaGumina 
What's up Y'all, quick into but hey! I'm Chiara LaGumina and I am the junior vice president for ASB. Basically, I assist the Junior class president with her assignments, we raise money for our class, and prepare for any upcoming school events (so get pumped and wear PINK!!). Though in my spare time I love being around my friends binging anything on Netflix and dancing around to some good house music! Can't wait to have a chill year with all you Seahawks!!
Junior Class Secretary Natalie Coan
Hey guys! I’m Natalie Coan and I’m this year’s Junior Class Secretary/Treasurer! My job as sec/treas is to keep track of the Junior Class budget as well as helping prez Hannah plan fundraisers. Outside of school, I enjoy dancing, rewatching Gossip Girl on Netflix, and taking naps whenever I can. If you ever want a laugh, you could always find me around school telling terrible jokes probs with a bag of Lucky Charms in my hand, or you can just watch me walk up stairs and fall flat on my face becz I’m pretty clumsy. I’m so excited to make this year the best one yet! Go Redondo!
Sophomore Class President Max Imberchets 
Hey there Seahawks. Glad to see you’ve found my bio. My name is Max Imberechts and I am this year's Sophomore Class President. I am super excited about this year and ready to work hard. Outside of ASB I play volleyball and like to go to the beach and surf. Well, catch y’all later, I got to go work on my tan. Wait Umm there was something else, uh Kennedy is pretty cool, and oh yeah GO TWO ONE!!!
Sophomore Class Vice President Kennedy East 
Hi, my name is Kennedy East and I'm super stoked to be your Sophomore Class Vice President. Outside of ASB I play water polo, compete nationally and think that Max is pretty cool. 
Sophomore Class Secretary/ Treasure Shrey 

Hello SeaHawks. My name is Shrey Ghai and I'm this year's ASB  sophomore secretary/treasurer. I help fundraise for the 2021 and assist the vice president and president when they need me. Goodbye.

Freshman Class President Hunter Shank

Hi, my name is Hunter Shank, and this year I am serving as Freshman Class President. This is my first year in ASB at Redondo. My job is organizing fundraisers, and raising money for the Class of ‘22 along with my amazing cabinet. On campus, I am a part of the lacrosse team, and I am also a part of journalism. Let's go ‘22!!!

Freshman Class Vice President Eddie Philips
Hey Sea Hawks, I'm Eddie Phillips, and my role in ASB is Freshmen Vice President. I assist and cover for the ASB freshmen president, as well as help out with fundraisers regarding the Class of '22. Thanks for reading!
Freshman Class Secretary Sophia Oswald
My name is Sophia Oswald and I am the Secretary for the Class of 2022. Although one of my biggest passions is leadership and ensuring every student has the best possible experience here at RUHS, I also have a passion for soccer and traveling. One special fact about me is that I moved from Nebraska when I was in 6th grade, so I have an even greater appreciation for our amazing community and school. I'm looking forward to a memorable and happy year. Go Seahawks!!
Freshman Class Treasure Sarah Munn
Hey Seahawks, I'm Sarah Munn, your freshman class treasurer. Go class of 22! I enjoy playing volleyball, and on the weekends I love to go down to the beach with friends.  I'm currently on the JV team here at RUHS, and I'm loving every second of it! I have an older sister who's a junior and she also attends Redondo! Traveling is one of my favorite hobbies, and I love getting to see new places. I can't wait to get this year started...Go Seahawks! 
Freshman Class Spirit Commissioner Miguel Muir 
Hi my name is Miguel Mier and I’m your Freshman Spirit Representative. Go 22! Outside of school, I’m an avid basketball and NBA fan (Go Lakers), asian food eater, and I also enjoy listening to music. Speaking of music I am also a rapper and go by the name Squinty Eyed Bandit, follow me @squintyeyedbandit on instagram and check out my music on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and Soundcloud. I’m also the #1 Shawn Mendes fan here at RUHS, and I bet I can name more songs than you. Boba=Life. Thanks for reading!
Freshman Class Representative Katie Cloutier

Hey guys!! I’m Katy Cloutier and I’m a Freshmen Class Representative this year in ASB!! On campus, I’m a part of the Ultimate Frisbee Club, and enjoy going to drama! Outside of school, I dance 24/7 but in my rare free time, I enjoy shopping, hanging out with friends, watching Netflix, and screaming the lyrics to music wherever I go! If you ever see me on campus feel free to say howdy! Let’s go 22!!

Commissioners of Spirit Allison Carell and Elle Weber  
Hey Sea Hawks, I see you've made it to my side of this fun and exciting website. If you haven't met me my name is Alison and I enjoy long walks on the beach as well as fruit. My favorite color is blue and on my time off from school you can catch me working no where . I'm currently 17 and the next age I will be is 18. You can also catch me doing morning announcements on 2,4,6 days. Stay classy sea hawks and have enjoy reading the rest of these thrilling bio's.
HEY SEAHWAKS:))) My name is Elle Weber and this is my 2nd year in ASB. My position in ASB for the 2018-2019 school year is Co-Commissoner of Spirit. My job entails of plaining super fun Spirit Battles, the amazing Carnevil and Frosties Festival. I am so excited for this year #SENIORSZN. Make sure to come out to the spirit battles this year for a really good time!!!
Commissioners of Activities Hannah Nemeth and Kiki Gries 

Hey Sea Hawks! My name is Hannah and I’m a junior. This is my third year in ASB at Redondo and I’m one of the Activities commissioners along with Kiki! Together we are in charge of planning the school wide rallies with class competitions/games and dance performances. Outside of ASB, I’m co-president of Teen Court and in Mock Trial. Say hi if you see me around!

Me and Hannah got the rallies so this year their gonna ROCK. First and foremost can I get a SEA HAWK!? I'm four-foot-nine but I have a loud VOICE. Other classes better bring it, they have no CHOICE. Come on one-nine let's bring the SPIRIT. Redondo is the greatest...let the whole world HEAR IT!!!
Commissioners of Entertainment Beverly Hastings and Diego Sanchez
Hey babygirls and babyboys! My name is Beverly and I am your Entertainment Commissioner along with my favorite girl, Diego Sanchez! I am so excited to plan 2019's prom and make it the best one yet! Outside of ASB I love to run, go to the beach, go to music festivals, and dance in parking lots with my friends! Go Seahawks! 
What up Y'all !! My name is Diego Sanchez and I am your Entertainment Commissioner this year alongside my homie, Beverly Hastings.!! I am so excited to be part of ASB this year! !I have as much spirit as I have leg length and I love hockey and movies. You can always catch me hanging in either an art/history museum. See you at Prom!!! 
Commissioners of Awareness Jada Irving and Lucy Pape 
My name is Jada Irving and I am a senior here at RUHS. In ASB I am Co Awareness Commissioner. Throughout the year my Co and I create themes for each month and hold events throughout the year in order to bring attention to what each month is dedicated to. We do this in hopes that students and staff feel even more connected to each other, the campus, and themselves by the end of the school year. Outside of school and ASB, I work at an indoor playground and spend a lot of time with my friends and family!
Hey Sea Hawks! My name is Lucy Pape and I'm one of your Commissioners of Awareness for this year. My co Jada and I plan monthly themes and events to carry through the themes; for example, November is kindness month and we'll be selling sunflowers as kindness grams. When I'm not in ASB you can find me volunteering at Community Helpline or working at Mathnasium in Rolling Hills. I love Redondo and I'm so excited for my senior year! Go 19!!
Commissioners of Athletics Elon Darthard and Collin Paludi 
Hey Seahawks! It's Elon! This is my fourth year in ASB and I pumped to being running athletics with Collin. Make sure to come out and support all of our events this year and have a great time! 
Hi! My name is Collin Paludi, and I, along with Elon, am the commissioner of athletics. We are the ones who organize and manage all the intramural competitions like dodgeball and 5 on 5 basketball at RUHS. I’m excited for Senior year and can’t wait to see what the year offers. Outside of ASB, I’m a captain of the soccer team and enjoy long walks on the beach. No cap. 
Commissioners of Club Facilitator Vanessa Wasden and Fernando Sanchez
Yo Yo Yo, it's your gurl Vanessa! I'm hyped to be on clubs this year with my boys Fernando and Dayton. I like chillin' out and showing me off my Gucci belt. Make sure to support the class of '22 and have a great year!
What’s up Sea Hawks, my name is Fernando, but yall can call me Nando. I am a junior and Co-Club Facilitator with my homie Vanessa. We help oversee and manage the clubs at Redondo with our Club ICC, Dayton
ICC Representative Dayton Bottom 
I am Dayton Bottom and a Junior at Redondo Union. I am in charge of clubs in ASB. On my free time, I like to play golf, hang out with my friends and study.
Commissioners of Publicity Ella Fukushima and Alexandra Hamilton 
TWO-ONE!!! Hey y’all! I’m Ella and I’m a sophomore at RUHS.  This is my first year of ASB and I’m so excited to be a part of it! I love going to the beach, shopping, hanging out with friends, travelling, and dancing.  I. love. food!! So if you wanna buy me a double-double burger with animal fries and a vanilla shake from In-N-Out, I’ll love you forever <3 Anyways, this year, my co, Alex and I are the Publicity Commissioners, meaning that we are in charge of all the signs that are put up throughout the school. You’ll probably see me bouncin’ around, so just say hi cause I’d love to meet you! K, I’m done now… byeee!!!

Hey, what’s up? My name is Alexandra Hamilton and I’m a sophomore at RUHS. My job in ASB is Co-Publicity, which means that I create the ideas of the signs, give them to the groups to make, and place them around campus. Outside of school, I enjoy playing competitive softball, hanging out with friends, swimming, and living an amazing life by the beach. I actually have been playing softball since I moved from the Bronx, New York when I was 6 and am now on the Varsity team, representing this amazing school. I am super excited to be a member of ASB this year and am looking forward to representing our school in a new way.

Commissioners of Publicity Outreach Reece Bradley, Kylie Bebe, and Paola Espinosa

Greetings fellow members of Redondo Union High School. My name is Reese Bradley and I'm the ASB representative for the flock. Along with ASB I’m a member of our yearbook staff. Between shooting sports games I have little free time but when I do I usually spend it hammocking with friends at the beach or exploring Downtown L.A. If you ever see me around school or in the flock during sports games don't hesitate to say Hi ! Thanks for spending 18.78 seconds out of your day to read this. Now go read someone else's. GO BIG DAWGS!

I am a senior and I am apart of the publicity outreach committee with Paola and Reese! My hobbies include surfing, photography, paddling outrigger, and petting dogs. Fun facts: my favorite type of dog is a floofer (aka a subwoofer when wet)

Just an average high school senior. I’m part of publicity outreach along with Reese and Kylie. My interests include social media, photography, writing, coloring inside the lines and swimming in the ocean. I enjoy watching movies and hanging out with friends. My favorite color is blue, I like watching netflix and sleeping in on weekends. Senior year baby!

Commissioners of Fundraising Kira Pacific and Luke Takashima  

WHAT’S UP SEA HAWKS! My name is Kyra Pacific (like the ocean!) and I am this year’s Commissioner of Fundraising alongside Luke! Taking this position, my co and I put on multiple fundraisers throughout the school year, one being our Annual Color Run! In school, I am also the Editor in Chief of the yearbook staff and participate/lead several clubs such as FCA, ECO club, and more! When I’m not on campus, camping/hammocking, coffee, friends, and any kind of adventure keep me going. I’m looking forward to raising money for my fellow Sea Hawks and Redondo community and finishing high school strong :,) SENIOR YEAR BABBBY ‘19!

Commissioner of Student Recognition Kylie Yorke  
Hey everyone! I’m Kylie and I’m super excited to be in ASB this year as a senior and in charge of Student Rec! Outside of ASB, I love painting, camping, the beach, and making sure my dog has all the love and support he needs to succeed in life
ASB Manager Marcel Sekesan
Good morning seahawks, and welcome to my youtube channel. Wait for wrong intro... whatever my names Marcel and I'm these years ASB manager. Basically I'm the ASButler and clean up our supply closet. It's an ASBehind the scenes job. You can usually catch me out flexing on rodeo or on a ride at disneyland, there's no in between. Anyway, that sums up my semi-exciting life GN STREAKS-- 

Technology Owen Haddad 
Knock Knock! Who’s there? It’s me, (Owen Haddad) with the same joke I use in all my Bio’s. As a sophomore, I’m super excited to be representing the class of 2021. Outside of ASB, I'm in Drama. I love being in a close family like departments of ASB and Drama/ Comedy Sportz (the "z" at the end of Sportz is intentional) For my position, I manage the tech for ASB, such as the marquee outside of the Auditorium, this website, and of course, speakers at the events. I know that you couldn't hear at the Fall Rally, but the volume was all the way up and the speakers just weren't loud enough, so sorry. Just like Marcel, I also have an ASBehind the scenes job. Make sure to stay spirited and have a great year, and come out for ASB events, Drama productions, and Comedy Sportz matches all year long!! :) 
School Board Representative Sergio Godinez  

My name is Sergio Godinez and in this year Student School Board Member. As the Student School Board Member it is my job to be your direct connection to the school board and pretty much anything going on in the district. It is my job to represent you and the 10,000 other students in the the district. This is my junior year ‘20 and my third year in ASB. Besides ASB you can find me in Mock Trial, Model UN, Teen Court, and any other events going that involve SCHOOL SPIRIT. I’m like the most EXTROVERTED PERSON YOU CAN FIND ON CAMPUS (you can tell by the all cap) so don’t be afraid to come talk to me on campus. I consider myself to be a fashion and all around icon. We’ll there basically everything you need to know about me, guess now we're friends!!! Let make this a great year SEAHAWKS!!!