Norma Molina

Dear Students and Parents,


I am so excited to be working with you this year.  I am very passionate about the subjects I teach—the literary and cinematic arts.  Because of my extensive studies in the humanities, I was able to engage in other academic disciplines such as film studies, world religious perspectives, American Literature, 20th British Literature, Jungian psychology, classical mythology, and art appreciation (film).  Critical approaches to any communicative arts—whether it is literature or cinema—have been the primary focus in my teaching. I am a strong advocate when it comes to writing clearly, effectively, and critically.   I also believe that some of the best writing pieces come from rewriting. 


When I am not screening a film, reading, traveling, drinking a quality cup of coffee, or tending to my cats, I am usually practicing my skills as a critical writer through blogging on my film website   My career as a teacher has made me a lifelong learner.  I am curious about learning new ideas or new approaches to understanding art—more specifically, film and/or literature. 


I am a true believer that cinema, and not just the written text, is an intellectual communicative medium for cultivating formal literacy—more specifically, thoughtful, persuasive, and intuitive writing.  This philosophy is the core of my teaching practice. Even though cinema is a visual "text," I consider cinema to have the same intellectual response to literature, particularly when it comes to its narrative, character, style, ideological doctrines.   Both literature and cinema are compelling reflections and revelations of our world and our human motivations and desires.  We do not study cinema and literature because we need to get a grade in a class.  We study cinema and literature because it is imperative to understand our own humanity--the reasons  behind what makes us who we are as a person and as part of society.  Both of these artistic mediums are about personal revelation and intellectual and artistic aesthetics.   My goal is to share this journey with you in both my English and cinema classes.


Thank you so much for joining my class or classes.  I look forward to learning and working with you.  All homework assignments/postings are on Google Classroom.  Please do not hesitate to email me for questions or clarifications. 



Norma Molina

B.A. English

M.A. Humanities (Literary Theory Emphasis)